Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Back on the Southern Ranges

Well we had a great visit back up at Dogpound North but we decided to trade this,


for this,


Now the top picture looks like a postcard but the bottom one was taken in my shirt sleeves while riding with Brenda and our friend Jill along the Vekol Wash this morning. And it is the shirt sleeves part that draws us back here to Dogpound South, that and the friends we have made in this community.

Our visit home was fun though, we got to see all the kids, well except for Clayton, he was busy working making sure that the gas was flowing to make all our homes in the north country warm. But over our few days there we got to cross trails with all our grandchildren a couple of times and some even more than that. They had a wealth of loot to work their way through so hanging around the old folks was not the first thing on their minds.


We started off Christmas morning with our two granddaughters, Claire and Madison and my son Matt and Madison’s mother Michelle, just up the hill right at Dogpound North.


And then it was off to see my nephews and nieces, the Parkhill Brown’s, in the city.


They were all getting ready to head back to Costa Rica for a vacation the day after Christmas so our visit there was short. We picked up my Dad there and took him with us for Christmas supper at my eldest son Paul’s place.



As usual Dad was telling stories and both boys were learning the oral history of our family. And of course at every stop there were gifts to be exchanged. The pics below showing my Dad, Matt, Paul, Michelle, Madison and Terri-Lynn, Paul’s wife and my mother tell the story.


And then my oldest grandson, Luc, above and below granddaughter number 3, Annika.


Oh the hats, they are from the crackers that always seem to be on our Christmas tables.

And then of course Boxing Day, a holiday in Canada that has decayed into a Black Friday like shopping debacle. I managed to convince the kids and grandkids to beat it out of the stores early and head out to the farm for a little bonfire.


And to answer your question Rod, for this kind of bonfire, you use big marshmallows and very long sticks. And after breaking bread one more time and getting one last photo of Brenda and the littlest elf,


we headed back to Dogpound South for a little ride this morning.



  1. Wow! Did you have any time to sleep? Glad you had a great time.

    Loved that picture of the little Santa in training. :c)

  2. Clever and creative Shadow Cowboy photo. Also liked your 'postcard' pic:))

  3. You have the best of both worlds....and the freedom to go back and forth between Canada and the USA is a gift too.

    Sure looked like a whirlwind visit...but it was sure worth it!

    I see that you are clearly back in the saddle. Yippee for that!

  4. What a nice time with the family. I would pick the south dog pound foe sure.

  5. That was a busy week. Enjoy that warm weather, we will have some too!

  6. That last shot's a real winner, cowboy.

  7. What a wonderful holiday with family, and just love love love the pic with the Littlest Elf!

    Karen and Steve
    (Our Blog) RVing: Small House... BIG Backyard

  8. Looked to be a great Christmas visit with your family, John. That little Santa Claus is sure a cutie.

    Glad you're settled back in the warm southwest for the winter.

  9. Glad you didn't burn off any of your beard, roasting a few hot dogs. I think I could feel the radiant heat down here in Kansas.

    That's always fun as the fire burns down and the chairs come out.........

  10. You sure crammed alot into that short visit..but glad to see your back safe and sound in DP get some rest...hugs

  11. a belated Merry Christmas to you both!!..looks like you had a great holiday!!!
    your little Santa is so cute!!!

  12. This South Western weather has gotta beat that white stuff up North! We are enjoying it in Escondido, California! Just joined your blog, looking forward to following your travels.