Monday, May 10, 2010


Well we finally got shed of most of our snow and got a ride in today. We didn’t go far but just getting going is the first step. The weather is starting to smarten up and although it is not any where near hot it wasn’t snowing and for that we were pretty happy. Like I said a short ride but any ride is great.

Brenda got her new saddle broken in and I’m thinking she is liking the new seat. Guess they are moving fast because the focus is somewhat BAD.

 Rosie and Brenda 

Brenda and Rosie heading out.

Brenda and Rosie

And here is a shot of some old cowboy that we ran into. The horse, Blue, he is riding is Rosie’s colt and is maybe the best horse I have ever had. Well trained and just the right size, heavy boned and not to tall but tall enough to keep your feet dry on most creek crossings. For those that follow the Quarter Horse world he is pretty much Hancock all the way down the line. 

Blue and the boss

Tall horses are for kids, once you reach a certain age it is nice to have a horse that is big enough but still not to big to get on without looking for a stump, my jumping on days are past, unless there is a bear coming after us I guess.

Rosie and Blue 

Here they are again, above Blue is about a year old, he was a big colt, and below he is not yet a day old.

Rosie and Blue


  1. Very neat pictures. They are beautiful..

  2. Nice horses John, know what you mean about too tall horses at this stage in life. Mike's old horse, no longer ridden is out of Osage Roan who was a Hancock horse.

  3. Great pictures you two!

    Hugs to you both.