Saturday, December 2, 2023

Back in the Desert

As I said the other day we are back from the seashore, and after rescuing our rig from the Park we abandoned her in for a short trip, we headed back out into the desert. The Park wasn't crowded but it was NOISY, and that is not what we are used to. We are happy to be back out alongside the American Girl Wash again, in fact within inches of being in the same spot we were in earlier. Good thing we pulled out here yesterday, today there have been a few more rigs joining us along the Wash, so for sure this great location would have been taken. I am back to my old desert walkabouts early in the day so I will bore you with a few sunrise pictures.
It is great walking along the wash early in the morning, not a sound out there except the crunching of my boots in the sand.
And soon after the sun is up in the sky the hummingbirds come to feed. Today it was a lot like rush hour, guess they were happy to see us back or at least our feeder back in the neighbourhood.
I probably need to apologize to folks who also hang out on the Facebook site as most of these pictures show up on both sites. I have said before but these little buzz bombers are aggressive protectors of their food sources so it is a constant air war going on here daily.