Friday, February 2, 2018

Where Have We Been

Well we pulled out of our last spot a couple weeks ago and headed back to our old stomping grounds around Maricopa. We spent a night at Gila Bend filling what needed filling and emptying what needed emptying and then invaded a friends yard in Thunderbird Farms.

Brenda had an appointment with her Doc back north of the Medicine Line so I fired up the old Buick and dropped her at Sky Harbor and she was off with Westjet for the northern ranges. Once she was on her way to pups and I were on our own for almost a week so we spent a little time wandering the desert, hitting the mill down the road to restock our firewood supply and of course a visit to Costco to pick up a few necessities.

After a couple of day of moochdocking at Lorrie and Trish's place it was time to hit the road. I headed to an old favourite spot east of Gold Canyon near Picket Post mountain. I can sit and watch this mountain all day as it is constantly changing throughout the day.

Picket Post Mountain
We didn't spend the whole week watching the mountain though, we did take a spin down the Ray Road and back around through Christmas, Az to Globe. Lots of cool scenery on that scenic highway.

Queen Creek Bridge

Cool Cactus
 The moon was hanging in the sky most afternoons and I tried to capture it without a lot of success.

Daytime Moon 

And of course it is Arizona so there were pretty nice sunsets

Brenda came back a week or so ago and then she had some Calmare treatments for her CRPS scheduled for this week, so each day we ran into Gilbert and got that out of the way. To bad this treatment is not available back home as it seems to deal with her nerve pain quite well.

We did get to watch the full moon rising, It was a combination of a Blue Moon, a Super Moon, and the next morning was a full lunar eclipse so it ended with a Blood Moon. January's moon is called a Wolf Moon and February is a Snow Moon so I guess this must be a Snow Wolf Moon. Not much snow around here but I still remember what it looks like.

Blood Moon
This morning we hooked the truck up and wandered our way down through Florence, Coolidge, Casa Grande and here we are back in Gila Bend catching up on laundry and tank management before wandering a little farther west to see some friends from back in Canada.


  1. I think your moon shots look great John Brown!

  2. Great Pictures as always.
    Dealing with Medical Issues are a necessary part of enjoying your time away from Home.
    Be Safe and Enjoy your travels.

    It's about time.

  3. The mountain is a never ending palette of colours. We love it. Thanks for dropping in on us on your tour around the mountain.