Wednesday, January 17, 2018

All Alone in the Desert

We headed away from the crowds in California and headed for our all time favourite boondocking spot. We tend to like a little space around us, and Max and Maya love to be able to be off leash at our spot, which they are not able to do if we are surrounded by other rigs in close proximity. Our nearest neigbour is probably a five or six hundred yards away and that suits us just fine. Them too I bet.

We have made a couple of trips into Parker, one for groceries and one for Brenda to get her hair cut and me to pop by the La Paz hospital to let them practice sticking needles and sampling my blood. That keeps my doc back in Canada happy and me ticking. Just a heads up though, it cost exactly 5 times as much to get my blood drawn there as it does to do it at my old regular spot Sonora Quest Labs, but on the positive side they had the results fax to the Doc within the hour. While in their our second time this train crossed in front of us, it is the Arizona and California Railroad.

Other than that we have just chilled here at our spot, with the exception of taking the UTV on a run over to the dump to get rid of our accumulated garbage.

Today I took a spin over Plomosa Road to attend a Meet-up of folks who follow Olivia and Kyle Brady and their Drivin' and Vibin' group, the Vibe Tribe they call us. As I got down Plomosa to the BLM camping area this is the site that greeted me, wall to wall RV's.

Way more neighbours than I want to have

As usual with RV'ers there was a lot of commonality in the group although the ages were widely divergent, and not a frown in the bunch. Check out their blog at this link "Drivin' and Vibin" and their Youtube channel for some great video's.

Kyle and Olivia from Drivin' and Vibin'
And of course Arizona has some great sunsets

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  1. Our nearest neighbour used to be Five Hundred Feet until the Tent Dwellers started arriving. They should disappear in two weeks but we won't.
    Sorry we missed your stop on Plomosa Road.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.