Thursday, January 5, 2017

On the Trail

Brenda and I had a busy pre-Christmas time so the last little while we have been sticking pretty close to home. I have been making my almost daily pilgrimage to the pool to try and keep all the good eating around DPS at bay or at least so I don't have to buy new clothes.

Most days I have the pool to myself for almost the entire 2 hours that I swim but Brenda has joined me a couple of times, so that eight lanes is a little crowded with the 2 of us in there. I am sure the lifeguards are bored to death watching one guy plod back and forth, back and forth.

Yesterday we combined a Costco run with a trip over to Gold Canyon for a session for both of us with Dr. Cassie the Chiropractor lady. She had done such a good job with Brenda's adjustment that I thought I would let her take a whirl at my lower back and leg issue. She took a couple of X-rays and said yep I still had a backbone and it looked like it was 64 years old, so with a few crunches and a lot of cracking she finished up with me and sent me home. I am never sure whether this stuff works or not but this morning in the pool my lower back felt great so maybe there is something to it all.

Today after my swim I raced home to grab a sandwich and then threw my saddle in the truck and headed over to Phil Staden's place. Phil had brought down three horses and offered me an opportunity to take one of them out on a ride. Cash was a great little pony, well behaved and a pleasure to ride that was for sure. It has been months since I last rode and that time my leg was killing me so I was eager to see if that issue was still there. We took a trail we had scouted out a year or two ago west of us. It has some challenging spots and some just nice wash riding so it was a great place to test out my leg.

Phil and Don
 It was great to be back in the saddle, the leg stood up OK. Rene' the fellow at the back of that shot is the guy who bought your brothers place. Thanks Phil for the great horse.


  1. Sounds like you're gonna wear out that water in the pool! ;c)

  2. John Sherri and I too were sadden by the news. When one of us passes on it really makes you think about your own mortality. It has been some time since I have commented on your journal but it has not been a long time since I have thought of you and Brenda. We cherish the time that we got to spend with the two of you and hope that we can meet up once again. Take care my friend and keep up those laps in the pool.