Tuesday, January 3, 2017

A Good Friend Gone

Today we received bad news. A long time friend of ours and a long time blogger in the RV World crossed the big ridge. Rod and his wife Loyce were friends we made when were wandering around the sunbelt back in 2009. We first ran into them in Kerrville, Texas when we headed over there for a gathering of RV folks. We again shared a campground with them in Rockport, Texas and cemented a friendship that has only gotten better over the years. Only other bloggers will know how much these folks who you might only see once or twice every year or two, but share your life with on a daily basis can become a big part of your life.

Rod was one of those larger than life folks who just burst into your life and held nothing back. He and I, both political junkies, spent a lot of online time debating the relative merits of both of our governments. Not surprising to anyone who knows me I have spent a lot of time trying to make sure I understood the American system of government, but Rod, much to my surprise spent an equal amount of time delving into our Canadian system, so we gave both nations the benefit of our combined wisdom, not sure they listened, but we did over the years solve most of the issues that arose.

Any tribute to Rod is not complete without some mention of Loyce. They were married for 45 years and when Loyce predeceased him back in 2013, Rod lost his touchstone. It was plain to us everytime we spoke with or visited with Rod and his companion Biscuit that never a day went by that he didn't miss his wife. He said on his blog that he was lost without her, and although he was out and about as she would have wanted, it was obvious that he missed her every step of the way. I'll include a link to my journal entry about Loyce and here's a few pictures that we collected over the years.

One of Rods visits out to Dogpound South here in Arizona

Rod and Loyce in Usery Mountain Park in 2011

Rod in Arizona again in 2011?

Put Rod in charge of picking the restaurant, odds on you were going to either Fuddruckers or Wendy's
Brenda and I have spent most of time since we heard the news from Rod's family alternating between grieving the loss of a friend and chuckling as we remembered times and stories we shared with Rod and Loyce. It probably seems a little irreverent but we both figured about 8 AM yesterday morning when that boisterous good man left this world and stepped into the next, there was a pretty excited girl there to meet him who was thinking "well there goes the peace and quiet, things are about to get a little livelier around this place now."

We shared this campfire with Laurie, Odel, Rod and Loyce and we will share more when we get to the other side, "but till our time comes we'll depend on you to keep the fire going Rod."

Yep we miss him to Biscuit!


  1. A beautiful tribute to a wonderful friend. We will all miss him and his zest for life.

  2. We knew Rod as well but met him after Loyce passed. Like you say, "larger than life". The thought of our few meetings with him bring a smile to my face.

  3. Oh my gosh-thank you for this wonderful tribute of my brother-in-law and sister. You truly hit spot on regarding Rod. Rod and Maisie (Loyce) often talked about their AZ friends when they would return to the midwest. I felt like I knew all of you. I will never forget all your love and support for Rod after losing his wife. You truly helped him get through some very dark days. Thank you to all of you from the bottom of my heart for your friendships to Rod. He will be greatly missed. His sister-in-law since 7 years old-Betsy

  4. Great tribute to a man that made you laugh at most of his little problems and made you cheer when it worked in his favor.
    Never got the chance to meet Rod in person but traded comments back and forth. I well remember the passing of Loyce and how devastated he was. Tried to pass on some advice on how both Kathy and I had dealt with our loses.

    It's about time.

  5. How wonderful to read this great tribute to Rod. It seems as though the RV blogging world is always in transition, and Retired Rod was included in some of the first blogs that I read. Loved seeing this photo of you and Rod and Loyce and of Laurie and Odel. Such great memories. I also could see how lost he was without his wife. Thanks again for writing this special story.