Monday, December 26, 2016

Christmas Feast

Brenda misses her turkey and all the trimmings, or maybe she just misses cooking for hours and hours. So this year she decided that she was doing it all. We got a fresh turkey, bread crumbs and all the rest and she spent a glorious Christmas Day making all her favourite side dishes. We had a roast turkey that was about 5 times bigger than we could eat, coleslaw, mashed potatoes, mashed carrots and turnips, homemade cranberries, and of course real stuffing right from the bird, all dressed up with her great homemade gravy. And to finish it off we had shortbread cookies, both Pecan and Butter tarts, along with chocolate mints, homemade turtles, and peanut butter balls. And to top it all off we managed to coax Ivan and Hailey in from their usual desert haunts to help us with the feast.

Ivan slipped in on Christmas Eve and we had a great session catching up on all the details of his travels this winter and his firefighting endeavours last summer. Although we both winter in the south and only live a few miles apart on the Northern Ranges we don't actually bump into each other all that frequently. Ivan's blog keeps us reasonably up to date on his activities but with my somewhat infrequent blogging we had lots to share.

While Brenda was working her magic in the kitchen Christmas Day Ivan and I took a whirl in the side by side out to the Petroglyphs along Vekol Wash.

It was a nice day for a ATV ride, not to hot and not to cold, and we wandered up through the Petroglyphs contemplating who and when they were put there. It turned into a sunny warm day and we sat on the side of the hill enjoying the sunshine and having a good chin wag. If anyone has any questions about the state of affairs in the world today or concerns about how they are turning out, you can let your minds rest at ease, I hazard a guess Ivan and I solved most of those issues over the past couple of days. Now if someone only comes to find out the answers.

We did have a couple of locals wandering about while we were there also.

All in all a pleasant day, topped off by a wonderful meal.


  1. Glad you were able to share your Christmas Celebration with another Canadian Snowbird.
    Wishing You, Brenda and even Ivan if he ever posts another blog a Safe and Merry Christmas Season and a Happy New Year.
    We're keeping our fingers crossed that Brenda's treatment keeps her pain free.

    It's about time.

  2. Hope you had your pockets stuffed full of butter tarts when you guys were out jostling around. Oh wait a minute....neither one of you would have had any time to eat them with all that world problem solving talk going on eh:))

  3. Brenda, you literally spent all day in the kitchen, didn't you. It sounds like a feast for a king, but I hope you like leftovers. (I love leftovers, myself.) Happy New Year to you both.

    1. I enjoy cooking Gypsy. It was nice to have someone to cook for!