Sunday, July 20, 2014

Blog a Month

Well if I am to keep up my blistering pace and maintain my membership in the "Blog a Month Club", I thought I had better get to it. A long time ago I swore I wasn't going to tell you about my morning coffee everyday and we haven't really done a lot of exciting stuff this month so I don't have a lot to catch you up on!

Brenda's knee is still not progressing at the pace we thought it would. She still has another couple of weeks of using crutches and although she is not liking it for the most part she is complying. We headed into the hospital one day and had some X-rays done and it appears as if the fracture is still there, but not moving around so that must be a good thing. Guess we will hear what's next at the end of the month when we visit her orthopedic guy.

Last time, I told you about our little flood, not much has happened on that front either, but the fans and dehumidifiers are now gone so it doesn't sound like we have a Twin Otter preparing for take-off in our basement any longer. In the next few days I expect to hear about the re-construction plan.

About the only thing of note around here the last month was Miss Ella's birthday and we did manage to get up to Rocky Mountain House for that event.

Looking back wistfully on the past 5 years

It took a while this year but we did eventually get some peonies blooming
 We have had an exceptionally late spring and a lot of rain early in the year so getting onto the land was a bit of a challenge. We finally got some seed in the ground along about July 11th so hopefully we get some silage and the timothy that is underseeded gets a good start for next year.

The rain has had some good effects though as the grass in the yard is loving it and we are mowing a couple of times a week still.

Last Friday Lacey, intuitively it turns out, figured Grandma need some Grandgirl time. She brought the girls down and we had a great visit. It is so nice to see them but with Grandma's knee she is not really up to a lot of driving.

A game of "Ring around the Rosie" going on!

And of course it is always nice to get a little work out of our visitors too.

  These Sandhill Cranes thought they would join the party also, they are not common here this time of year, but I am thinking the freshly sprouted oats and barley drew them in for a little snack. As you can see in the picture below if they were not vigilant one of our local coyotes would have made them into a little snack also.

Ella always loves to get a ride on Grandma's horse while she is visiting.

And that about catches you up on all the excitement here at Dogpound North this past month. So as you can see, my not drinking coffee certainly curtails my journals.

But we have had some pretty cool cloud formations roll by.


  1. Miss Ella is sure growing up, but she still has that abundant head of hair!

  2. "A long time ago I swore I wasn't going to tell you about my morning coffee everyday"....good one:)) Nice Kid's pictures & great cloud photos. Careful not to overdo that 'Blog a Month thing. Best wishes to Brenda in what must be one long frustrating nightmare of a recovery. How do you know you didn't plant that Timothy upside down........................

  3. Fun time with the grand kids....and a birthday to booth. It has been a late spring, hasn't it.

    Nice wildlife photo. Look out for coyotes!

    Hoping Brenda can dump the crutches soon......

  4. Al, Timothy grass has about 1.15 million seeds per pound and we put in about 5 pounds per acre so if the odd one gets planted wrong way around it will probably be OK.

  5. I get claustrophobic just thinking about what Brenda is going through. I sure hope it starts to heal soon.

  6. You made my day with those fabulous cloud pictures. Sure hope Brenda gets back to feeling a whole lot better soon.

  7. Poor Brenda! Hope everything goes her way soon so she can come off her crutches. That doesn't sound like any fun at all!

    Glad those clouds didn't drop any funnels, you have enough work on your hands with the basement flood... ;c)

  8. Ella is definitely growing which also means aging. Does that mean we're aging too?
    Here is hoping Brenda can get back on her own two feet soon without further complications.
    That cup of coffee every morning is a hard habit to break.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

  9. Great catch up blog, John and especially cute pics of the granddaughters. Hope Brenda gets good news from the bone doc!

    Those cloud pics are pretty amazing - we never see those kinds of clouds out here on the west coast.

  10. Hey, I had a great time reading your website. Do you have an email address that I can contact you on? Thank you and hope to hear from you soon.