Thursday, July 18, 2013

Enjoying Summer

We got back from the Hummingbird and lo and behold the Calgary Stampede was in full swing. The catch phrase this year was Stampede 101, Come Hell or High Water, and although we had the high water this year, the Stampede went off without a hitch. Oh yah, a few big concerts had to be cancelled when the Saddledome filled with water but other than that things went along pretty well.

The folks at the Stampede put together a T-Shirt with that logo on it and at last count had sold 150,000 of them raising approximately $2.1 million for flood relief. The city had a good time and like the mayor said "you might not see Calgary at its prettiest, but you will sure see it at its best." Neighbours were helping neighbours and although it will be a long time till things are back to normal, things are getting done.

We took a spin down to the grounds with Kashton and his parents. Always great to see an old familar place through the eyes of a child. He loved the rides and getting him off was a job in itself. If he had his way he would have just stayed driving the cars and riding the rollercoaster while his Dad ran and got more tickets.

Kash and his Mom on the Merry Go-Round

Grandma and Kash riding

Kash loved these cars although he was not to sure about sharing it with this little girl
He thought maybe she should ride in the back!

Rollercoaster, Kash and Ved in second car

Brenda and I and that tree behind us was actually a person on stilts, imagine what your horse would do when a tree starting talking to them.
It was a great day at the Calgary Stampede's 101st edition.

Then this week I headed over to the Dogpound Rodeo grounds to enjoy our local rodeo, it has been running for 107 years and is still a local must do in this area. Seems like everyone in the country is there and a lot of them are participating. Me I participated in the pie eating and took a few pictures.

Hard to believe but this guy stayed on this bull till the horn

Our granddaughter,  Madison, in the orange shirt, but luckily the piglet was captured and taken home by some other youngster.

Local girl, Shelby Cummings, has been doing this rodeo since she was 9 years old.

And here she is starting the next generation of trick riders.

The Wild Rose drill team another local group.
The Dogpound Rodeo is always a fun time and well attended even though it always runs on the Wednesday after the Calgary Stampede show ends.

Today Brenda was off to Chestermere to keep an eye on Kashton while his mother was off selling houses or something, and Wink and I had a date with the Brand Inspector up in Olds to get that out of the way for our upcoming ride across the provincial border, and our trip south next fall. We are off with some friends to ride along the Alberta-Sask border. It isn't the mountains but it should be pretty nice as it was a famous American's, Sitting Bull's, summer home when things got a little hot down around the Little Big Horn. Who knew, he might have been the first snowbird. More on that after we return.


  1. So nice to see Kash as a future cowboy in training. I see his parents are bringing him up right. :cD

  2. Little boys just love those cars and could happily ride them rather than other rides, except possibly motorcycles!

  3. It does look as if Kash is saying, "get in the back!" Looks like a fun rodeo and maybe a horse riding trip will get Brenda's mind off the renovations???

  4. What a fun event to do with Kash and his folks. I can understand his desire to drive the car all by himself.

    The local Dogpound rodeo reminds me of my small town (St. Paul, Alberta) rodeo that is historically held on Labour Day weekend. Local fun at its best. Pie eating seems like a mighty fine activity to partake in.

  5. I like Kash's style ordering the little girl into the back - only problem is she doesn't seem to like what he's telling her (Kash better get used to it now!!).

    Great looking local rodeo on Dogpound - that' lady's quite the trick rider.

  6. Brand inspector? You might have to elaborate that a bit for this city boy...

    1. In many of the western provinces and a lot of the western states it is a requirement when you transport livestock to have them "inspected" by a brand inspector, who identifies brands and markings and gives you a certificate to prove ownership. This is done whether or not an animal actually has a brand on it. We use the JB Bar brand on the Right Thigh of our horses, and back when we had cattle we used the same brand on the Right Hip or our family brand the reverse G over J on the Right Shoulder. Of the horses you have become familiar with only Willow has a brand but nevertheless when we leave the province we need to have them inspected. Those that go south with us have Permanent Brand Inspection certificates so we don't have to do it every year. All of those provinces and states where this is required recognize Alberta's certificate and Alberta reciprocates. Holy Smokes that explanation was long enough I should have done a separate blog on it.

  7. Hi John and Brenda...I ride with the Wild Rose Riders! I ran across your picture of us at the Dogpound Rodeo and was wondering if you had any more shots of us and if I could post them on our website?
    You can find my email on the TEAM page waaaayyy at the bottom (Jaime Wrightson)

  8. Hi John and Brenda!
    I ride with the Wild Rose Riders and ran across your picture of us at the Dogpound Stampede (GREAT SHOT!) I was wondering if you had more shots and if we could post them on our website?
    You can find me on the TEAM page down at the bottom :)

    Jaime Wrightson