Thursday, July 25, 2013

Across the Border

The past few days we were down in the Cypress Hills in South-Eastern Alberta and South-Western Saskatchewan with our friends Ken and Verna Pohl to do a little riding, see some new country, and tell some tall tales around the campfire. It had been a long time since I had been down here, 50 odd years, and the others were first timers so we had a great time exploring new trails and enjoying new vistas.

Fields of Flowers
The country was beautiful and every meadow we rode through was carpeted in flowers. While we were there we thought we should look at a little real estate but I think the fixer upper below was a little to much for Brenda.

Symons-Noble cabin
We headed down some hills

And we headed up a few

And then from time to time we stopped to check the map and take a few photos.

Checking out the trail map

Brenda, Verna and Ken with Bullet in the background overlooking Battle Creek

The view from the old Patrol cabin

Here Ken and Verna are looking back down at the Historic Reesor Ranch, our rigs are to the left of Ken

Brenda crossing from Alberta into Saskatchewan on the Trans-Canada Trail

And back over to Alberta again
As well as enjoying excellent weather and great company we were treated to some spectacular sunsets every evening.

Sunset over the pasture
And although all good things have to come to an end we will certainly not scratch this place off our list of places we need to go. There is a lot more country to explore here.

Those red roofs in the background are the Reesor Ranch overlooking the prairies of the Palliser Triangle to the north
For now we have headed home to get a few repairs done on our motorhome and our ponies have a date with their farrier to receive all new pedicures so we are ready for our next adventure.

For those of our readers who like a little look at where we rode.


  1. Loved the sunset photo, really all the photos. When I saw the title I thought you might have sneaked over the Medicine Line again??

  2. I too thought you had done a crossing into the US of A. We've RV'd in that neck of the woods but you got to see a whole lot more of it than we did. And that was when our kids were little!

    Great photos of flowered fields and that sunset was stunning!

  3. I, too thought you headed to DP South. Glad you're saving you days in the states for when winter comes.

    Incredible beauty for your ride, too bad you get so much cold weather in the winter. Thank goodness for Arizona! :c)

  4. Such spectacular and cool photographs! the travel experience described beautifully by this post.