Sunday, April 21, 2013

They are GONE!

Well all good things have to come to an end I guess. Our guests have been returned to their parents so Dogpound North is a much quieter place tonight than it has been for a while. They climbed in the truck and Ella drove them out of the yard and off down the highway to Rocky this morning after we fed them breakfast.

Ella and Alle going for a drive

Well even though Ella was driving, they were in her Dad’s truck and towing their boat home with them while the “Jeep Car” was riding in the back of the pickup. We had a great week with the girls and certainly came to know them a lot better over the 8 days they were here. Ella is a real big sister and is always looking out for Alle. Yep, like all big sisters a little bossy from time to time but as protective as a guard dog too. and Alle is just like most younger siblings, always trying to get into stuff and keeping her sis, and Grandma, busy keeping up with her.

The girls went on a shopping trip with Grandma and on a sleepover at Aunty Becky’s house for one night so they were pretty busy. And between trips they were going non-stop here so Grandma is pretty much exhausted. Ella was keen to get out and be around the horses every time it got even a slight bit warmer and we had a few heart warming moments with those equine pals of ours and her. She is fearless around them and like most animals they know that she wouldn’t hurt them so they are exceedingly gentle when they are her. Sometimes when folks are down visiting them they can crowd around and intimidate people but with Ella they each in turn came over and had a visit with her and then stepped back to let the next pony come up for some pets. Facebook friends of mine have been subjected to countless pictures and video’s of her and the horses but I will just try and stick one YouTube video in this journal. Coal is my son’s big Percheron/Quarter cross horse and is usually a little shy around folks but he was the first one to come over and introduce himself to Ella on her visit down in the pasture. Too bad the breeze was a little noisy, the questions she was asking are the same ones an old horseman would have been asking if he had been there. How old is he, broke, etc.


Just for the record Alle did get down to visit the horse but since she was being carried by the cameraman she never made any of the pictures, and while we were watching some training videos and the Buck film she was riveted to the screen every time the horses were on. As Brenda says I might get a barrel racing girl around the place yet.

Now that the girls have gone back to Rocky it is back to the real world for us, a busy week on the medical front, MRI’s, Dentists, Orthopaedic Surgeons, and tests, all to combat the ravages of old age I guess, well old age for me and the side effects of waiting on me hand and foot for my bride, but really just to get us ready for another year of travel. And God willing and the creek don’t rise we will actually bring the bus out of the barn and do a little RV’ing next weekend.

Stay tuned for the next report from a VERY quiet little spot just down the road from Dogpound.


  1. That video is precious! Maybe you should hire a cook to go along on this little RVing trip--I think Brenda needs a rest!

  2. I'm with Janna, that video of Ella and Coal is just precious.. The connection between the two of them, the horse just knows this little person is his friend.. No words necessary!

  3. Cool video. Those little ones can be a real joy to have around!

  4. That was one nice long visit with the grand kids. I loved watching the video. It's sure touching to see how gentle horse can be around kids.

    You two are wise to get the human maintenance program underway well in advance of your return to Dogpound South. I guess I should get going on that medical front too and book my physical.

  5. That is one amazing video, what a special little lady! A future Horse Whisperer? ;c)

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