Saturday, April 6, 2013

Down the Road to Dogpound North

Just a quick blurb to let folks know that we made it safe and sound back north of the Medicine Line. It got a little warm down at DPS so we thought we knew a place that offered cooler temps.

We got an early start on Thursday and pulled out of Dogpound South about 5:15AM. That made the traffic in Phoenix not to bad, and we took I-10 then I-17 up to the Carefree Highway and then across to Wickenberg. No issues at all and a lot less stop and go than the other way on the 303 Loop. With only stops for fuel it was not to long until we crossed into Utah and headed up into the high desert to overnight in Fillmore. When we got there the guys on the Sheriff’s work crew, a chain gang with no chains, were mucking out the stalls and gave us some tips on where the best places to eat were.

We put the horses up and headed off to Costa Vida for dinner. Looked like a fast food place but everything appeared to be made from scratch to order and it tasted pretty good.

Not much to do hanging around the stable at night so we were early to bed and early to rise the next morning. We had the horses loaded by 4:15 and hit the road north. Slid through the Salt Lake City smozzle before the traffic got to bad and then let the big old Ford run across those foggy flatlands of Idaho heading for the hills of Montana. Mid-afternoon we arrived at the rodeo grounds in Great Falls and once again got our stock settled then headed out to eat. Once we were fed we came back and took the ponies for a walk about to stretch their legs, all evening the fairgrounds were filling up with kids and horses for a weekend High School Rodeo, so I kept going around making sure no one was blocking our exit as it appears we have developed a habit of getting out of town before the authorities figure out we are there. It was another early start and we were again on the road soon after 4AM.

We crossed the Medicine Line about 6AM and other than a quick chastisement from the Border folks about having no receipts we were on our way north. I unloaded here at Dogpound North about 10:30 this morning and the unpacking began, hurried along by the sleet and wind. Oh well, spring is in the air and by all reports it should be here before we head south in 6 months.

Montana Drive-by!

Took the shot above as we rolled up the Beaverhead River valley in Montana thinking the place looked empty without Mike and Janna.

As I finish this up I notice a nice little spring snow blizzard working up outside, so our quest for cooler temps has been fulfilled.


  1. Both of us are a little homesick--a quick trip home next week should take care of that! Glad you guys made it home safe and sound.

  2. glad to see your home safe and sound...receipts??? Anything I purchased over the winter..I didn't keep the receipts for :( am I gonna be in trouble?

  3. Yours was a quick trip back. That's understandable with the horses in tow.

    We're taking our time and will roll into Langley on Monday afternoon. Now....we head for the passes between California and Oregon.

  4. Glad you made it home safe and sound with those horses in tow. Sounds to me like you may have been a bit hasty in leaving DPS for DPN with that nasty weather awaiting you.

  5. The border folks have gotten way out of control. Receipts? What the hell kind of receipts?

  6. What did you have to do to import a horse? GST medical records receipt for his purchase.... I forgot,, was he once a Canadian horse? Maybe that made things much better.... And perhaps hitting them so early in the morning, they weren't at the top of their game yet......LOL

    1. Wink is a born and bred Canadian so that transaction was actually done up here. And as a Canuck they welcomed her back with open arms.

  7. You sure don't let any grass grow under your feet. That was some fast traveling, and believe me, I know what fast traveling is... ;c)