Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Wink Goes to South Mountain

Over the last 8-10 days we have been busy doing what we do best, hmmmm, not sure what that is but the time is sure flying by while we do it. Brenda has been consulting with Taylor McKinney on the decorating of her new room, and doing some shopping and lunching with her. As well as heading in and doing some shopping with some of her local cronies. Lots of laughing and a little shopping I guess. Me, I have been doing the square root of nothing, but have actually accomplished a few things without even meaning to. We got our Irrigation Infrastructure Project completed, nothing to show, it is all underground now, so I was able to hook up all the automatic waterers we have gathered here over the last two years. So fresh clean water for the ponies without the clutter of hoses all over the place.

When we left you last we were looking for a new horse for Brenda and I am happy to announce that “Wink” has now come home to Dogpound South. She is good looking little bay mare from up in that Fort St John, BC country so she knows how good she has it down here in the sunny south.

We have been out to the wash here at Dogpound South with her a few times and have drug Kathy, the owner, along to give us some guidance on her training. That sure has been a great idea and the mysteries of a new horse are all revealed as the riding goes on.

Today we along with our friends Teresa and “K” Rogers headed towards South Mountain Park right smack in the middle of downtown Phoenix to give her a taste of some more technical trails. It is pretty important, on the trails we ride, that a horse is capable of thinking before reacting and you just never know until you take them into the fire. Let me tell you she passed with flying colours. One tight spot Brenda sent her on ahead by herself and she just picked her way through like a cat. She obviously understands that foot placement is pretty important when you are clinging to the side of a steep hill or navigating your way down through slick rock. I think we will keep her.

There are some pretty nice trails up here, not the usual haunts of horses but we managed to pick our way through most of the places although there were a few tight spots that had us searching for work arounds.

Hmmm, don't think we will fit there Boss!

As usual I got a lot of pictures some good and some not so good but if you want to have a look at them follow this Wink Goes to South Mountain link.

Here is a shot of the trail we followed today, and although this park is smack in the middle of town, you see nothing of the city except for a few overlooks.

1-Fullscreen capture 18122012 60536 PM

And for those who are wondering Willow is getting better each day and we are hoping that with some rest she will be back on the trails in not to long. Not sure what was wrong in the end but I have been putting a sweat on her every second day and either that or just the support it gives seems to be helping her.


  1. Glad to hear you got Brenda a new set of "wheels". Bet she wasn't too happy staying behind on those great trail rides while Willow is mending.

    Willow getting better is good news, surely she wants to get out on the trails soon, too. :c)

  2. You guys have been doing a lot of 'horsing around' from the looks of it(I know, that's really bad!).

    Great photos of your trail rides. I'll be Brenda's happy to be able to ride along with now.

    Nice to hear Willow is on the mend and getting better.

  3. Not knowing much about horses, I find it quite interesting that you take them on a test drive before purchasing. What is a sweat? Is it a sweater for a horse, or do you make her perspire??

    1. We did take her out on a couple of rides before we made the final move and convince Kathy and Kim to send her on home with us. It is important to know whether the horse and rider are compatible. We had made the decision and executed the deal before yesterday so that was just a ride to confirm that she could do all the things we require before we take her into some rougher terrain with larger groups of folks.

      As for a "sweat" it is really just a poultice type of dressing that keeps the heat and medicine in and offers a little support. Kinda like Absorbine Junior and a tensor bandage on a sore ankle, which is what it appears that Willow has.

  4. Whoo Hoo, found the comment area.

    Really enjoyed the blog especially since I now know ya'll. Such professional pictures and writing. It's like a glossy magazine. Love it. Jaye

  5. I bet that little horse and Brenda will get on famously. You coloured the test drive quite well and it seems you both like the result. Yea....Brenda is back on the trail rides with the others now! I'm also hoping Willow mends well!

  6. My wife had horses on their Nanaimo farm when she was young and was a competition rider. However, she has not been on a horse since in spite of looking longingly at every rider we pass on our travels. Last week when we were parked near Mazatlan a local Mexican was leading a few horse mounted tourists on a sundown ride along the surf line. It looked very appealing and she announced she was going to do it the next day. Unfortunately the next day, after considering her repaired hip and 70 year old bones, she changed her mind. Too bad, it would have been good for her.

    1. Get her on those horses, she will get off 20 years younger, er maybe you better not, you may not be able to handle her that much younger. I always the outside of a horse is the best medicine for the inside of man/woman. And the world certainly looks a lot better through the ears of a horse.