Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Healing Hands


Our hummer friends are back here and I thought I would get a close up picture so Judy can tell me what kind this is?

Spring is well along here at Dogpound North and we are working our way through our usual June rains. It was a pretty dry winter around here so we needed the moisture badly, but, enough is enough. We have had about 6 inches in the last 3 weeks and now a little heat would be appreciated.


I took this picture thinking specifically of Mike down there in Custer, South Dakota, I know he likes windmills and here is two for the price of one.

Remember away back in April when Alle Kitten surprised us with her early arrival. Well the original plan that day was for Brenda and I to head to Rocky Mountain House and make supper for Lacey. It was her birthday, and she chose to spend it in labour rather than enjoying one of Brenda’s steak dinners.

Well last Friday we figured it was time to get that little detail out of the way and Brenda started planning another birthday dinner for Lace. Once again she had other plans, I guess in their house they are on some kind of diet. And like all diet books written recently it has a big warning on the title page, “NO EATING BRENDA’s COOKING”, so now what. Well we haven’t seen Alle and Ella for a while so even the possibility of Eggplant Parmesan wasn’t going to deter us from that visit. But some higher power was looking after me and Lacey whipped us a great chicken and rice dish complete with steamed vegetables. Now that kind of diet I can take.

But I am not sure how Lacey cooking us dinner qualified for her birthday dinner. Oh well, mine is not to question, just eat.

And we did manage to complete our real reason for the trip and get to visit with our two granddaughters for the afternoon and evening.


Alle “Kitten” above and her big sister Ella below. And just like her Grandma she likes to do a little vacuuming to wind down. Smile


Although Alle had a slow start and spent the best part of her first month in the hospital she is off and running now and growing like the proverbial bad weed. It won’t be long until she is making off with Ella’s toys but for now she pretty much eats and sleeps with the odd sideways look at all the visitors. Ella is a great big sister and although she will share “her baby” it is only with some pretty close supervision.


This week at Dogpound North it is pretty quiet as Brenda has jumped on a plane and is down in Brockville, Ontario visiting with her nephew, Adam, and his family. She had never met them before so is a pretty exciting visit for her and from all reports she is having a great time although the hot humid temperatures are not to her liking.

Me I am just hanging out at home trying to get some things done around the home place, and Tuesday was a break in the weather so I managed to get all the grass cut back before it took over the place. This time of year it is about 5 hours on the riding lawnmowers just to keep it so we can see out of the house.

Oh, back to the title and that first picture, although it is not my first time with a hummer in my hand I am not a bird whisperer of any sort. Our house is pretty much solid glass on the SW side and those little guys get to fighting over the feeders and don’t pay attention to where they are going. This time two of them hit the glass, the other one got up fairly quickly and took off but this little fellow was laying there pretty stunned and not wanting the dogs or a passing cat to enjoy a snack I scooped him up and for a while he just lay on my hand but eventually got up and when I took him over to a tree he managed to buzz his way onto a branch. I kept an eye on him and soon he was off doing whatever it is hummingbirds do when they are not trying to break our windows.


  1. The granddaughters are adorable, funny how they can work their way into stealing your heart. :c)

  2. There is some tape that you can buy to stick designs on the windows, so that birds don't fly into them. I am so glad the little bird made it.
    Happy Horses, Dogs and Trails, Penny, TX

  3. Well my friend I am sure that bird owes you his life. I have put Owl decoys in my barn to keep all the birds away. It has worked so far but I am sure they will be back when they figure out what is going on.

  4. Looks like a female ruby-throated hummer to me. I'm sure she thanks you. :)

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  6. Howdy John,
    You done a really good job on the blog this morning!! I can feel for you about that HIGH GRASS!!
    By the time the TALL grass dries out enuff to mow IT RAINS AGAIN!! I got about half of the 'bar-ditch' mowed two weeks ago; that part's ready to mow again!! Thatz mitey nice of you to keep the hummer from getting et!!
    Hope everything is going great at the North Ranch and also at the South Ranch!!
    butterbean carpenter