Monday, June 18, 2012


Long time readers will remember when I used to keep track of the miles I walked each day on the bottom of this journal. Well my old knees were not holding up to the walking and I had to make choice, walk or ride. Much to Blue’s, my horse, chagrin I chose riding. Well after a lay-off of a year or so with little to no pain in my knee I thought just maybe I could start walking again. I started back in April and worked my way up from a mile or so till I was doing a four mile walk in the morning. Sadly that was to much for the old knee and it seemed that if I walked any more than a couple of miles a day the old pain was coming back. Not willing to give up riding I thought I needed to discover a different way to get some exercise. Now back in the misty past, when I was a working person, 60 months ago, I used to drop into the YMCA on a regular basis and spend time in the pool at least 3 or 4 times a week. Not sure why I quit but it probably had to do with my heart issues back then.

Well after talking to the doc at my annual physical and telling him my woes about not being able to walk more than a mile or two a day, he suggested swimming and I jumped at the chance. Now the Dogpound Leisure centre has not yet entered the planning stage so I had to chose between Sundre and Cochrane the two closest pools. After weighing all the factors and especially the times they allocated for lane swims I chose to go to Cochrane and imagine my pleasure to find that down the road in Cochrane they actually sell “seniors” passes to folks who are in their 50’s, so not only do they have the best times they have the cheapest rates.

I started out two weeks ago today and could barely make 2 lengths without stopping for a breather and only managed to drag myself up and down the pool a total of 12 times that day. But swimming like riding a bike comes back to you pretty fast and today I managed to complete 60 lengths without a breather. Only 1500 meters (0.932 miles) but I was pretty happy. Although you don`t get to enjoy the birdsong or see the wildlife when you are swimming, unlike walking, the world and all of its distractions are isolated from you by the water so you get to spend a little time thinking. Not to much though or you lose count of the laps and have to start over again.

I left off this blog last Tuesday and I was mowing the grass and Saturday dawned bright and sunny so that is what I was up to again. It takes a few hours around here to keep the grass low enough that you can see out the windows and with all the rain we have had lately it is growing pretty quickly. I am also glad to report that my hummingbird friend appears to have recovered completely and is feeding happily at our feeders.


Yesterday was Fathers Day here at Dogpound and Brenda had cooked up a storm and invited a whole mess of folks out here to celebrate it. As usual we had more than enough fattening food and I managed to partake of more than my share of the main course and of course the Pecan Pie Cheesecake and I see in the fridge there are a couple of pieces left for breakfast. (Harken back to the third paragraph and remember the 60 laps.) We had the whole dang family out here along with all of our grandchildren with the exception of Kashton. No idea what he was up to, although rumour has it he was just back from a vacation on the Yucatan peninsula. All of my nieces and nephews managed to come along to so it was a great, fine spring day here, and although we had a few showers roll through early in the afternoon we managed to keep it all out under the trees.


You can see eldest son Paul manning the BBQ back there in the background and the mountains of ribs and Brenda`s special twice baked potatoes on the table.

This was my first Fathers Day without my Dad but I know he was there in spirit and rest assured some of his stories got told under that old tree once again. I never look at that old tree without imagining Dad under there telling stories or look at our windmill without seeing little brother Kelly up top of it checking the oil. As for my brother Brent he would have been busy getting everything organised and making sure that all the little details were being looked after. I missed them all but am sure they were with us all yesterday and enjoying the family being together.


Alle Kitten got to spend a little time with Grandpa today although I had quite a time fending off Grandma.


and Miss Ella and Great Grandma and Charlie Brown had some special moments.


Below is a collection of photographs from the afternoon.


Over the years I have tried at these kind of gatherings to get everyone gathered up for a family photo, as  the years go past it gets harder and harder but then I am probably getting more stubborn and stubborn, not sure which came first though.


Now just to get you to sleep quickly I am going to list the whole gang, Back Row from the left, Sidney, the dog, my son Matt, nephew Ryan, SIL Tricia, Paul’s MIL Marilyn Laslop, DIL Terri, my mom, Georgia, of course Brenda, Terri’s Dad Helmet Laslop, niece Caron, and son Paul. In the middle row in her Dad, Clayton Anderson’s arms, Alle, daughter Lacey, niece Remi, granddaughter Claire, behind the hair, then grandson Lucas, DIL Michelle, and nephew Christopher. Now facing away from the camera and making sure nobody moves is Meg, and Mack patrolling the perimeter. Standing beside her old Grandpa is Miss Ella and behind me doing her best imitation of Pocahontas is my granddaughter Annika, and in the pink in front of her Mom is granddaughter Madison. Out of the picture and running the camera are the rest of the dog pack, Leo, Charlie, and Rex.

Oh yah, I’m sitting down cause getting all these folks rounded up was hard work and my mother tells me I turned 60 this weekend also. Have to take her word for it because I confess I can’t remember the exact date.


  1. Happy Birthday, JB. How'd you come to be such a youngster, anyway?

    Although I can easily walk 4 miles, I'd never be able to keep up with you in swimming 1,500 meters - congrats on that, well done! I'd be gasping for breath after about 100 meters.

    One thing I know for sure I could keep up with though is chowing down on Brenda's Twice Baked Potatoes and that delicious sounding Pecan Pie Cheesecake - I just might lap you on the Cheesecake.

    You've got a pretty good grip on your beautiful little granddaughter - for an old man!

    Great to see all of your family having such a great Father's Day celebration. Good idea for the family photo too no matter how much grumbling it always produces.

  2. I really like Miss Ella's classy boots. Could it be they are on the wrong feet like most kids do?

  3. Happy Birthday John. Looking pretty good at 60 Old Man!

  4. Great photos and great blog John!! Happy 60th birthday!

  5. That picture of Miss Ella and Great Grandma is just wonderful. I couldn't walk 4 miles and I also couldn't swim 1500 meters. So I'm really impressed.