Sunday, March 18, 2012

Riding around Catalina State Park

Last Friday the 9th we headed off to Tucson country for a weekend of riding in and around Catalina State Park. As we drove down I-10 we had a chance to reflect on how lucky we are to see all this beautiful country.


And there we are reflecting along the way.

We were meeting a bunch of folks from the Arizona Back Country Riders as this is our fundraising month and each weekend there is a ride in a different place to help fund the website. The first ride this weekend was a trip up through the boulders to Cherry Springs. Once again different terrain than most of the places we have ridden this winter but we are getting used to the many facets of Arizona trails. There is such a huge variety of terrain in this state and each one has its own special beauty. We found this fellow out for a hike along the trail also.


As the season moves closer to summer we are seeing more and more critters out and about but as yet no snakes have crossed our trails. Just a mention as well as a great ride we were celebrating Brenda’s birthday Saturday night and as usual we had a great potluck and thanks to Paula from Payson a good fire to celebrate around.

Here is a link to the photos from the Cherry Springs Ride.

Day 2 we headed down the wash through the Catalina Regional Park headed towards the State Park. We wound our way down the wash in and out of both parks and past some private land along the way, and then headed up the hill and onto the aptly named Fifty Year trail to head back towards our camp I took a few photo’s along the way and you can follow this link to have a look at them Catalina Day 2.

Now these are usually just weekend affairs but this week we are off with our friends the Rogers to meet some other folks with free time to ride some more beautiful spots. After everyone else (those who had to work, sorry Linda) hit the road home we decided to spend one more night in our roadside boondocking spot before moving into the State Park to avail ourselves of the showers and dumps before we moved on down the road a little farther. Not to shabby a view from our site there either.


Here are some photo’s of our campsite there in their Equestrian area.

Catalina State Park Equestrian Area.

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