Sunday, March 25, 2012

Catching Up

A week or so ago we were riding down in Southeast Arizona, entirely different than other parts of Arizona we have ridden in, and that trip was made possible because of the hospitality of Tom and Joyce from down around J6.


They let the Rogers and us pull our rigs into their beautiful yard and highline our horses right there on their lawn. Sure hope they needed all that fertilizer we left. Now on the AZBCR site Tom uses the handle “Trainman” and a trainman he is, if you are wondering what the railroad looks like between Tucson and Benson a stroll around Tom’s basement will give you a pretty good idea. Amazing amount of detail and all done by hand.

Not sure what Tom is telling us in this photo but it must have been important.


Thanks for your great hospitality

Friday we headed over to the Mescal Movie set to take a few pictures. It is a movie set where High Chapparal and Lonesome Dove amongst other westerns were filmed and it is just across the range from where our host Bill lives.


He had us over there pretty quickly and we had a look around. Now doesn’t this stagecoach look like the same one in the following shot. It didn’t fare to well when our friend “K” and Amigo decided to run it to ground.


Now we headed into town and as you might notice I was trailing a spare horse just in case I came across a saloon girl that might be looking for a ride out of town.


Well like most old western towns the saloon was the gathering spot and this one was no different.


Luckily we got all this pictures before security showed up cause I guess although they welcome riders through the town they would just as soon you didn’t walk the boardwalks. I think probably a liability issue.

A great time looking around Mescal and then we were off to Kentucky Camp for a ride on Saturday. Below Blue is sampling a nice straw hat.


Saturday morning when we woke up there was a little breeze blowing through camp, just enough to keep the mosquito’s down as they say on the northern ranges. Well that little breeze was a little bothersome for some of our southern friends I guess their horses don’t know to keep their tails clamped tightly down when it is breezy. Bill lead us a circuitous route to both the Snider Mine and Kentucky Camp and tried to keep us mostly in the valleys and washes where the breeze was less obvious.

You’ll notice this good northern horse has its tail clamped down that is just so that strong Arizona breeze didn’t blow the bit out of her mouth.



  1. Wow would Mike ever love that ride, eh?? What fun

  2. what a great time you had...super the stagecoaches and the saloon :)

  3. At least you weren't taling pictures from the movies set's jail! LOL

  4. Very cool area to ride into. It's so nostalgic to see locations where some old favourite TV series and movei were filmed.

  5. It's a board WALK! Curse all those lawyers that take fun out of our lives.

    You sure have been busy having fun, great locations you've taken us all to. :c)

  6. What terrific horse country! I haven't ridden in over 20 years and sure miss my quarter horse Lady. It is a nod to her that I call myself Lady DynaRyder [I've since started riding an 'iron' horse; just not the same but I love it, too]. She and I did a lot of trail riding together, and she never let me down. Thanks for sharing your rides with us.

  7. Liked that photo of you guys riding into town with the lone horse. Always like old Ghost towns, movie sets, etc.