Saturday, May 28, 2011

Raining, raining, raining

Thursday afternoon we took off for Rocky Mountain House to visit Clayton, Lacey and of course Miss Ella. Becky headed out to Dogpound and met us and then her and Brenda followed me up in Becky’s Jeep.

It has been raining here non-stop since we got home Monday afternoon and we have had enough moisture here to last us a while, or at least until we get the crops seeded. And then we could probably use some heat to get things popping here on the Northern Ranges.

We popped into Lacey and Clayton’s for pizza and when we left Aunty Becky had kidnapped Miss Ella to keep her company on her sleepover with us. Here is a shot of Ella hugging Becky and her soon to be cousin.


The next morning it was still raining but the forecast was for an end to it sometime Friday. Meanwhile Ella and I thought we should keep up with our email and read a few blogs to see what the rest of the world is doing while we watch the rain fall. You gotta keep her pretty well wrapped up or she likes to get right down to typing. And to tell the truth a lot of what she types is just about as interesting as what her Grandpa gets hammered out.


But you can only keep her reading blogs for a while until that Clean Gene she got from her Grandma kicks in. She really likes to dust and especially to vaccum.IMG_4861

Saturday morning we packed up and headed home, stopping for breakfast in Caroline along the way. The sunshine has come out though and maybe things will dry up although from the look of the Westward Ho campground it will be awhile. Not the best picture as we were going by on the highway but the little river in the middle is overflowing its banks and those white bits through the trees are RV’s that typically spend the summer alongside a peaceful Little Red Deer River.


Here’s hoping that the rain stays away and tomorrow maybe I can get the first cut on the lawn this year, if it waits much longer we will probably just bale it and sell it with the rest of our hay in the fall.


  1. We are with you on this rain thing, we did finally get the grass cut yesterday for the first time. Coming down hard again this morning.

  2. What a sweet little girl Brenda:)

  3. How'd you train your granddaugher to use a vacuum cleaner, I want to know the secret! I couldn't even train my kids to do that... ;c)

  4. My neighbor boy is mowing the grass right now as I speak and I'm sitting here watching. At 0nly $30. bucks it sure is a lot cheaper than me owning a mower. Although, I do like to mow.......I just don't need another motor with wheels around here to keep up...

    Boy the rivers and creeks around here are sure running full to the brim and over. It was that way all the way from North Ranch....Lots of water!! stay safe!