Saturday, September 25, 2010

Something was Hidden

Over this summer we have been blessed with visitors from the south and thought we should share our neighbourhood and some of it’s vista’s with them. We have a confession to make, we kept a lot of it hidden. Now that was not all our fault but maybe more the fault of the timing. We went to a lot of places and saw a lot of beautiful country but the weather was not always cooperating. Brenda and I thought we should take a run out and see a few of the places we were with Deb and Rod and Gina and Rollie and see if they looked any different. And because as many of you know we are still waiting on a couple of doctors reports before we are able to head out of here, we were able to wait till the weather was better.

Front Ranges-4

Now anyone who has been reading along with us for a while knows that when it comes to pictures I am never really sure when to stop so even though I like the one above taken from Highway 1A there are a lot of close seconds in my mind so I will share them in an album type format.

Now this wasn’t an original idea, heading to Banff National Park on a beautiful fall day, when we got to Moraine Lake, the cars were parking a mile up the road from the parking lot so we got a little hike down the road before we actually got to the lake. Not all for nought though we saw this little cascade coming down the hill towards the trail.

Small Cascade near Moraine Lake

And this mountain towering over us as we strolled along.

Mountain View-1

Now the walk in was well worth it and a little exercise could never hurt me although with Brenda’s knee probably didn’t need the walk.

Moraine Lake

The picture above is of Moraine Lake and about half of the peaks in the “Valley of the Ten Peaks”. All the folks who were parked along the road must have headed on into the Larch Valley as there were only a few folks here at the lake. The larches will be in their full fall colours right now and it is probably the most popular hike in the Canadian Rockies this time of year. We will have to take the hike some year but this is not the one. It was a little breezy up here today so the water is pretty agitated and the reflections were not great :). We took the shots below on our way back out of the valley.

Road to Moraine Lake

You can see the larches high on the shoulders of the mountains.

Golden Shoulders 

After we left Moraine Lake we headed around the hill to Lake Louise to see if there was anything different about it on a day like today.

Lake Louise

Well certainly no reflections in the water but those mountains do look a little different. After doing all this driving and walking we worked up an appetite for lunch and seeing as how it was nearly 3:00PM we decided to call it supper as well. We got this picture of Rundle Mountain especially for Rollie as he took a shine to this particular mountain when they were out this way.

Rundle Mountain

We took off for Banff and our favourite Irish Pub “St James Gate” and chowed down before heading out of town past the Banff Springs Hotel. This old hotel shows Canada’s Scottish Roots and was built by the Canadian Pacific Railway to encourage folks to visit the area.

Banff Springs Hotel

Oh yah, I started this story talking about hiding things from our guests, and although I think both visits were beautiful I will let you compare. Here are a couple from the two trips to Lake Louise.

Lake Louise-2 The Lakes in the Clouds-1

And a couple from Moraine Lake

Moraine Lake-1 The Lakes in the Clouds-2

Now we are not offering refunds but come on back while the weather is better and we will gladly do it all again.

I was reading earlier today that my friend Al from the Bayfield Bunch is no longer accepting comments on his blog and that is certainly his prerogative, but, I just thought I should mention we will take any and all comments here if some of you are feeling withdrawals after losing the ability to comment on Al’s blog.


  1. OMG what an absolutely gorgeous location. No wonder you have a difficult time deciding on which photo to post. Thanks for sharing them.

  2. Your photos sure remind me of the times I traveled through that area. Since returning to Ontario in 75 after living in BC's Okanagan Valley for a few years I sure do miss Canada's Rockies. We got mountains in this country like nobody else has got mountains.........:))

  3. Gorgeous photos JB--we too are having some of that Indian summer and are enjoying every minute of it.

  4. Beautiful photos, JB. That is such a special area of our country. I wish we were closer but that's not to be.

    By the way, I thought you were going to be in this area in September.

  5. That's some mighty fine scenery, whether it's foggy or not! :)

  6. I thought Lake Moraine was gorgeous, until I saw the picture of Lake Louise! Stunning.

  7. We visited some of those areas in 2003 and after seeing your photos and descriptions, it sure would be great to make a return visit. Wonderful post, great blog.

  8. I have visited that area 3 times in my lifetime and I'm hoping to return. I am shocked by how much the glacier at Lake Louise has receded since I first saw it in the 70s. However, no matter when you take a photo, it's still jaw droppingly gorgeous.

  9. Thanks for good stuff

  10. О! Comment puis-je vous demander pour plus de détails? Great post besoin d'en savoir plus ...