Thursday, September 30, 2010

It’s Fall on the Northern Ranges

We are enjoying one of those great Indian Summers that happen in this part of the country. Good thing seeing as how we missed the regular summer. Not to much sun tanning going on here down the road from Dogpound this year. But what a great year for the trees, lot’s of rain and just enough heat to keep them growing.

Fall Colours

And this kind of weather does make for great fall colours. In this part of the world we are not big on the reds that are seen to the east of us but we do get some glorious golds shining through.

This stretch of weather is supposed to last through the weekend so maybe, just maybe, we will get the last of our barley combined and in the bin. Once that happens the farming will be done for the year here and things will start slowing down for the long winter ahead.

Yesterday Brenda and I had an exciting day. Our excitement started with dinner at Gnocchi’s Ristorante in the Beltline area near downtown Calgary. This is an old favourite of ours and to make it even more special our daughter Rebecca joined us. Her husband is out of town at a conference in San Diego so it was a great time for her and her mother to get a little visiting done while I watched from the sidelines and enjoyed the great food.

After that great dinner we finished up our visit to the big city lights with an evening at the circus. Cirque du Soleil’s touring show Kooza is in Calgary for a month or two and we managed to acquire some tickets. It was a pretty high energy show and even though there were some parts that Brenda just couldn’t watch, there were others that mesmerized her so we really enjoyed the evening.


All in all the best part was dinner with Bec though.

It takes us an hour to get back here “down the road from Dogpound” from the city so it was long after our bedtime when we got home.

Today we are back to the city to attend to some medical issues and figure out whether we will be enjoying the farm for the winter or moving to different environs. For now it is a great place to be.

Fall Colours-1

But we are getting a little hitch itch here and would like to see a little different scenery and enjoy some different weather for a while.

 MH-1 MH-2

That time of year is coming again so I know where my heart is heading, now to see if our bodies can follow.



  1. Have only seen Cirque Du Soleil on television & would so much like to see all their shows. I did see Seigfred & Roy in Vegas one time & that hooked me on 'live' performances. Seeing something like Cirque on television & seeing it in person are light years apart in comparison.....

  2. The Saguaro seems to have his arms open waiting for and welcoming us! Lord knows I want to go see him!

  3. I hope your bodies will follow your hearts this winter. It is sooo much better in the sunny Arizona sun (or wind) than in the cold North. We loved the Southwest in the winter. Good luck to you.

  4. I love the cactus picture!

    Hope everything works out so you can travel soon. It isn't easy staying home when your heart and soul wants to be on the move!

  5. Some beautiful photos there, JB.

    I hope the doctor gives both of you the green light so you can get some more photos of the saguaro cactus. I miss them!

  6. Great capture of your rig with the rainbow. You live in a fabulous part of the world. We've enjoyed two visits in two years, and hope to spend more time there when we start full-timing in a few years.

  7. ooooh that contrast pair of photos parked by the shed is just tooooo much! You gotta get outta Dodge before it starts, man--- gooooooo

    Steve and Karen
    (Our Blog) RVing: Small House... BIG Backyard