Sunday, March 28, 2010

No Crab Boil Here!!


Another week has come and gone and while we are missing the Rockport Crab Boil tonight we are getting closer and closer to being ready to hit the road ourselves. Brenda’s back isn’t back to normal but she can’t sit still so she was packing and cleaning all weekend anyway. Guess I will have to go back to work just so she will take some time off. We have most of one house emptied out and are starting on the next one, the bus is still in the shed but next weekend looks like the roll out for it.

We had a beautiful weekend here temperature wise but it appears that Al must have drug those California winds he was talking about with him back into Canada. Now Al & Kelly were probably closer to us when they were in California than they are now, but us Westerners are pretty good at blaming folks in the East and especially Ontario for most everything that goes wrong so why not blame the wind on them also. And when the wind howls here in Alberta you can water-ski behind a sailboat.

Brenda and Mac

Matt and his family are moving into the house we just left and brought a little watch dog with them. He doesn’t look like much right now but rumour has it his Sire is 175 pounds so I guess he will do some growing over the next little while. Luckily we have room to grow here.

Madison, Ella, and Michelle

Our daughter Lacey dropped by today and brought our youngest granddaughter Ella for a visit to the farm. She was as usual the centre of attention.

3 outa 4 Grandaughters, Claire, Ella, and Madison

So here is 3 of my favourite girls, Claire our oldest grandchild, Madison, and Ella the youngest. Missing are Annika and Luc.

Brenda has been bugging me to get a new profile picture on the blog so we are going to try this one, at least till we get back into the Yaha Tinda and get one with the whole family in it. Till then I don’t think Meg will notice she is not much for the internet.


and here is the old one

Brenda, Meg and I

Like I said at the beginning no crab boil here but we did have some pretty good shrimp tacos and followed it up with Angel Food cake covered in Raspberries, Blackberries and Blueberries. Eat your hearts out Rockporters cause we are wishing we could share it with y’all.

Tomorrow is a big day in the big city.


  1. I really like the new profile picture.

  2. Yep, that newer photo is much better than that older photo for sure....10-4

  3. Great photo of you and sweetpea! Just how I remember you when we met in Kerrville!

  4. We miss you both here too. You just know there will be lots more of the good food when we all get together next fall.

  5. Missed you guys for all the Rockport fun, but looking forward to getting to see you this fall! We certainly will make up for the missed time!