Sunday, March 21, 2010

New Horizons

Well not right away but change is in the air. Brenda and I have been working every weekend moving our stuff out of one house and into another. Along the way we are trying to sort out the things that we are unlikely to need so to that end have taken two big truck loads of stuff to our local Thrift store. I can tell you if you are 6’5” and like Egyptian cotton shirts there are a ton of them in that store this month. Of course it would be great if you had a hankering to have “JB” embroidered on the cuffs. But that is another life, one that I left behind 10 years ago and I guess it is time to give away the suits that went with it, most of them are old enough that they are back in style though.

I’m still working up in Northern British Columbia but that is down to 4 days a week and last week we found a fellow to take my spot. And would you believe it he is on holidays. April 1st he will be back and we will spend some time doing a handover for the first couple of weeks of April then I’ll head south. For a couple of weeks anyway, and we are heading out with the motorhome for Red Deer and the Mane Event, a three day horse exposition and then I have an Open House to attend as a kind of a farewell visit with our neighbours at Groundbirch, BC in the last week of April. I am looking forward to getting on with the next part of our life but am looking back with on the parts of the job I will miss.IMG_1560

It never hurts to look back you can always see things a little differently from that perspective.

Today was going to be our first ride of the year and Brenda was going to give that new saddle the acid test. We got everything saddled and then the Gremlins struck, Brenda’s back went out and her ride was over. At first it looked like a little rest would fix it up but it was pretty soon apparent that my doctoring skills were not going to cut it so we ran into town to the Urgent Care Centre. Took a couple of hours to get through the process but all they could do was give her a shot of some muscle relaxers and send her on home. Appears that a little bed rest is in order and that certainly seems to reduce the pain. So for a while I will be waiting on her hand and foot and the packing will have to wait. Well at least till tomorrow, she is a tough cookie and can’t be kept down for long.

Here is a shot off the deck of my Dad’s home that we are camped out in waiting for the weather to warm enough to bring the bus out of the Quonset.



  1. Sorry to hear about Brenda's back. Give her our love and let her know we are praying for a speedy recovery. Love y'all and looking forward to seeing y'all down the road. Love & hugs, Gina & Rollie

  2. Nice pic in your deerview mirror:))

  3. Speedy recovery to Brenda, and I'm looking forward to hearing about your newly retired life.

  4. Congratulations on your upcoming retirement...We sure wish you guys happy travels and look forward to seeing you at some point this year...Sending speedy recovery prayers for Brenda's back...Hugs to you both