Friday, February 5, 2010

Winter Wonderland

Canopy of Flakes   

Yesterday we took a little drive around the countryside and tried to catch a few photo’s of the countryside surrounding Fort St. John. Now it ain’t quite the desert but it has a beauty all of its own. And just like Arizona there is a blue sky around much of the time, although recently it has been a little scarce. The photo below is across a field towards a farm laneway. There is a lot of snow in this country right now so moisture shouldn’t be a problem for the crops in the spring.


Proof that there is blue sky in this country and it really does go with all that white

Now isn't this better than a darn old desert?

Now this looks a little like a desert or maybe I have forgotten what the desert looks like.


Just to prove that we actually know what we are missing out on I will pop in a shot we took last year about this same time.

Superstition Mountains

So what are we doing here in the frozen north, well you might have heard the rumours but they are more than that the roads really are paved with diamonds, and if you double click on the shot below you will see them in many different colours scattered around like gravel on the ice.

The roads are paved with Diamonds!!


  1. gorgeous pics,glad you are enjoying yourselves

  2. Yep, those photos remind me of home in Bayfield at this time of year. Winter has a beauty & magic all it's own when it comes to photography. Just too bad it has to be so darned cold most of the time!! Nice pics:))