Sunday, February 21, 2010

Saddling Up

Nope we are not heading south, but Brenda is now prepared for a summer of riding in the foothillls and mountains of Sunny Alberta. Although she has been riding with me for over ten years it has always been with a collection of borrowed equipment. So I thought what better gift for Valentines Day than something you can use all the time and doesn’t necessitate wearing sunglasses to look at it. Although I have always liked good stuff, jewellery has never been my style. Yesterday we took off on a quest for the perfect seat. We ended up at K&K Livestock near Strathmore, Alberta and started looking at the same kind of saddle that my niece Caron bought there last summer. It wasn’t long until that penchant for good stuff led us to a Vic Bennett saddle that Brenda fell in love with as soon as she tried it on.


Nice saddle and a pretty girl to boot. Brenda’s dog Meg is pretty interested in the new tack also.

Now I wouldn’t want you to think that I was left out in all this gift giving so I thought I would throw in a pic of my Valentines Day prize also.


And below a couple of shots of the neighbours up here in the True North.

IMG_1386 IMG_1400 IMG_1411 IMG_1418


  1. Great gift and great pictures. Brenda looks wonderful!!

  2. If I was a riding horses that saddle looks just about what I would prefer too. Not glitzy & glammy with shiny rhinestones all over the darn place. Looks like a good down to earth piece of equipment. Many happy rides Brenda:)) Great pics by the way John

  3. Awesome photos of the animals!

    Your wife is one pretty lady! She looks very happy with her gift. Does she like that gift better than her Mac?

  4. I sure hope so Sandra, the saddle is a usable piece of art, the Mac is just another computer.

  5. NO John Brown you can't use my beautiful saddle sorry in was a gift to me.