Monday, January 1, 2024

Happy New Year

We've just been chillin' down here alongside the American Girl Wash, watching the hummingbirds and enjoying the weather. This winter has been pretty nice weather wise, most nights over 50F and the days in at least the mid 60's and often into the seventies, just about perfect for us folks from a land just north of summer over the Medicine Line.
That shot was taken one morning as I headed out my daily walkabout. I have settled on a pretty regular route, that amounts to about 3 miles out and back. Not a long walk but enough to get my blood pumping a bit and often I get to watch a pretty cool sunrise as I make my way across the desert.
The rest of the days have been spent watching our collection of hummingbirds buzzing about and heading up the wash and visiting with the folks in the colony up there. Deb and Ryley, Tom & Deb, Ken & Kim and Keith. We hung with them last night for New Years Eve, and enjoyed a beautiful evening and a nice fire to welcome in 2024. The sky has been pretty amazing this winter as well. This was the sunset a day or two ago.

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  1. It was a great time here at the colony! Thanks for sharing your time with us. We have all enjoyed getting to know you and Brenda a little, although I think we haven’t really even dulled the surface, never mind scratching it. Lol. Safe travels. I hope to see you folks again before the winter is over. Happy New Year!