Saturday, August 15, 2020

Picturin' the Dog Days of Summer


Well it appears that the monsoon season has passed here in Dogpound, seemed like every day since the snow left we have had rain and of course it's companion hail. The cloud seeding planes have been working overtime so although we have seen to odd big hail stone, most of them are pea sized. 

We have been hunkered down here at Dogpound North pretty much since we came slipping back across the Medicine Line back on or about March 16th running in front of the wave of Corona virus inspired nonsense in the USA. 

Luckily out here physical distancing is a lifestyle and we are not having to much difficulty keeping adequate space around us. When we have to venture into more crowded spaces, especially indoor, we are mask wearers. We have been wearing masks since back in March, it hasn’t been difficult as we do others things like avoiding crowded spaces. Seems to me that if wearing a mask helps even a little bit to keep one of our neighbours or even a complete stranger from contracting a potentially deadly sickness I might be spreading or shutting down our economy again it is worth it. And if it doesn’t and only makes me look stupid, well in my 60+ years on this rock I have done a lot of things that have made me look stupider, for a lot dumber reasons.

Just because we are avoiding humans though doesn't mean I am hiding out under my bed, our other neighbours are not spreading this virus so most every day I am out and about checking on them and their goings on.

Our local boss bull

Hey, you are disturbing my berry eating here!

Sunrise along the Banff Parkway

And a prairie tour is not complete without a ride on the Bleriot Ferry.

K-Country in the early summer.

A nice little bull elk enjoying a mountain morning.

Prairie roaming and flax field off in the distance.


Red-tailed Hawk

A juvenile Swainson's Hawk sporting his brand new feathers.


  1. Those are the best kinds of neighbors to have - virus or no virus.

  2. I wear a mask at all the appropriate times. I think it makes me look better... ;c)

  3. Great pictures as usual. Great way of documenting how you are keeping busy.
    The Experts are finally saying that the Masks protects both the wearer as well as those around them.
    Be Safe and Enjoy nature's visitors.

    It's about time.