Monday, May 25, 2020

Together Again!

My last blog post I spoke about Max and his buddy Maya and the things they added to our lives. They came to us as a bonded pair, Maya had only spent a few weeks of her life without Max in it. She washed his face every morning, and tomorrow morning she will be doing it at the Rainbow Bridge.
Every day, no matter where we were, she washed his face.
Maya was one of those dogs that was just sweet, kind and gentle. She didn't really have a mean bone in her body and was just happy to be loved on at all times. It is hard to tell stories about her without telling stories about them both, they were very rarely apart and if Max went with me on a picturing expedition or out to chase a storm Maya was not happy while he was gone.

She had suffered an episode last winter that we had thought was in the past, but it was probably some kind of stroke and it seemed that when Max was gone she just went downhill fast.

Just wanting to be with her people. "Outside is for dogs" she seemed to say
She would spend her every waking minute being with her people if she had her choice, and other than going along with Max on his coyote chasing expeditions as his security detail she was never far from Brenda.

She hated thunderstorms and was usually looking for cover, behind the chair, or in our walk-in closet, long before the first thunderhead showed up at Dogpound North. Entirely different than Max who would roar out to do battle with the storm. But she really liked just laying about wherever her people were, and in most cases in front of the refrigerator in the trailer or in the high traffic areas in the house.
Her favourite sleeping position
The last few weeks have been hard on everyone here, but especially so on Maya, she would wander aimlessly like she was looking for her buddy, and stare off into the distance like she heard someone calling, but didn't know how to get there. She was having more and more trouble getting up and we were having to lift her to her feet. Along with her own health issues which were not insignificant it just seemed she had lost the will to live without her friend.

There will be some high energy romps going on at the Rainbow Bridge tonight

Together Again
It will be a lonely place here at Dogpound North without these guys.


  1. My heart is breaking for you and I'm so very very sorry. Losing a beloved fur baby is beyond hard. But what a wonderful life you gave each other filled with love and joy. Hugs on this really tough day.

  2. So very, very sorry to read this news John and Brenda. Makes me so sad but you guys gave those two some of the best years of their lives.

  3. Even though we think of our pets as Fur Kids they seem to be Parenting us.
    They will both be sadly missed. Our deepest Condolences.

  4. I read this yesterday right after you posted and no words would come. I am glad I got to meet both of them and am deeply sad for your loss.