Friday, January 25, 2019

Up to Date

My last entry mentioned that Brenda has headed home to get her ankle looked at. The X-rays back north of the Medicine Line identified a couple more breaks than the ones here in Arizona had, so after consulting with a couple of orthopedic doctors back home she is wearing an air cast and on a no weight bearing regimen. It appears that nothing is dislocated, but they are concerned that things stay in place, and they don't want to cut it open and pin or glue it together so she is grounded in Canada for at least the next couple of weeks until they can do a couple more X-rays to confirm stability.

So that means at least for the next couple of weeks the mutts and I are on our own. As might be expected our culinary selection has been affected negatively, but we have discovered that tortilla's make great hot dog buns, and we have lots of room in our big fridge for ice cream. We ran into town today to do the laundry, re-provision, and gather up some other things like propane. And then our neighbour Wandering Willy and I made a dump run and filled our gasoline jug in downtown Bouse.

It has been an interesting week, at one point Max, Maya, and I were heading north but weather and common sense overcame that so we are still here in SE Arizona, waiting on the next set of X-Rays and the possibility that Brenda will be on her way back below the snow line. We are hopeful for that outcome but then what do I know, I am not a frequenter of Web MD or Dr. Google so I will leave that decision up to the pro's.

Observant folks will notice that there are no tracks on the road, I-15 was shut down,  transport trucks and cars in the ditch everywhere, folks actually don't know when to take it easy so the rest of us got to stop and think about it for awhile.

Once the doctors make their decision we will make ours, as to how long we hang south of the snow line. In any case I have a wedding to attend early in March over in Palm Springs.

Other than that little bit of excitement things are pretty low key here. Not a lot going on except feeding the honey bees and the hummers, and keeping an eye on Max clearing the coyotes out of our wash.

Our Neighbourhood


  1. Hoping Brenda will soon be on her way back south. Once the crowds are thinned next week there is still a chance to say hello.
    In the meantime be Safe and Enjoy the Sunshine.

    It's about time.

  2. Not the time to be heading north is it! What kind of drone do you have?

  3. Hope Brenda will health quickly, It was nice to finally meet you at Bloggerfest yesterday.