Saturday, November 11, 2017

New Adventures in the Pipeline

Six and a half years ago we made a move that surprised some folks. We were visiting friends in Thunderbird Farms and stumbled on a little single wide trailer that looked like a great base to do some riding around Arizona from. We jumped on it and started hauling our horses south for the winters. We saw a lot of country, met some great folks, had some interesting adventures, and until Brenda's knee surgery in 2014 had a great time. Long-term readers will know that surgery wasn't exactly successful and Brenda has been unable to get back on her pony. I continued riding here the next couple of winters but it wasn't the same without my partner. Last winter we left the horses at home and brought an ATV, Blue II down with us, thinking that would allow us to get out into the desert again together. Well, it is not Brenda's favourite mode of transportation but, she is being a good sport and spending some time bumping around the country with me. We traded off our Living Quarters horse trailer and acquired a toy hauler that allows Blue II to travel with us and converts to a pretty nice dining room when he is on the ground.

Dogpound Anywhere (DPA)

So not needing pens and not needing a place to keep our ponies led us back in time to the days before Dogpound South when we were just wandering the highways and byways finding a lonely desert location and enjoying the winters down here in the Sunbelt. So we rigged up our new Road Warrior and the next thing Dogpound Anywhere was born. I mean what is not to like about spending our mornings with a view like this.

Watching the sunrise along a wash outside of Bouse, Arizona

We took our time getting south this year, something that is not all that easy when you are transporting horses, but Blue II will stand tied for just as long as you want and never a nicker or a stomping foot to get rolling. We started talking about the next chapter a little more seriously, and earlier this week decided to talk to our local realtor. Well, things moved pretty quickly after that, within 24 hours we had an interested buyer, and a day later an offer on the table. His number and our number were the same so if all goes well over the next few days Dogpound South will have a new proprietor and Dogpound Anywhere will shed her ties, lift her jacks and hit the trails again. Still, a couple of things to be done but I am hopeful none of them insurmountable and we will be onwards to continue John and Brenda's Incredible Adventure, down the road from Dogpound. We've got some old favourite spots to visit, some friends to drop in on, and no ties hopefully in a few weeks. We have conditionally sold the place as a turnkey deal, the new owner will just need his toothbrush and he is ready to go.

We loved this place, and it was great while we used it with the horses but those days are gone, and it is time someone else enjoyed it. We will miss a lot of things here, not the least of which is the people, and neighbours we have, and I am sure that unlimited internet will be missed as well, but I know Brenda won't miss keeping this acreage in order.


  1. Can't say we are a bit surprised! Happy travels you two!

  2. Wandering Spirits need freedom and any base DPN DPS cause restrictions. We're sure you'll enjoy the newer lifestyle DPA will give you. Imagine all those unseen Sunrises and Sunsets that you will see. Maybe the Hotsprings will give Brenda some much needed relief.
    Still hoping our paths will cross somewhere along the way.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

  3. Many friends are making changes - buying, selling, traveling. It's all good! We are loving our house and are spending the winter there instead of heading south. It will be a transition but with two rambunctious pups, we decided they needed the yard more than we needed the warmth. ;)

  4. I'm not surprised you made the decision you did. We came to some of the same conclusions you probably did when we sold our house nearly a year ago. We never regretted buying the house and we have never regretted selling it. It served a great purpose for a few years and like you we enjoyed the experience. But things change and in the RV lifestyle one has to be open to the probability of change at any time. Good for you folks in making the decision to be free and wander at will again. All the best to you guys:))

  5. A new spin on a former way to travel, good luck in your travels in Dogpound Anywhere. I'm sure you'll have a blast no matter where you go. :c)