Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Where Did They Go

Well really not to many places and rather than bore you with a running dialogue on Brenda's flights back and forth to Canada to deal with her medical issues I thought I might just let this blog have a little rest. But all those many trips have not been for naught, she has a date for her knee replacement and they are moving forward on other fronts as well. Should be good as new by summer.

Her riding has been curtailed this year and without my riding partner I have been not doing as much either. Not sure the horses find this to be a problem though.

All that said I have had a few opportunities to dust off my saddles, I took a group of Canadians out and around the Loop through Butterfield Pass and then a couple of days later a smaller group out to Picket Post to circumnavigate the mountain on the new trail we found just after the new year. Then again to Picket Post with another bunch of Canadians while Brenda was back in Canada.

Back in January I mentioned that Mike and Janna had left their motorhome here while they headed north. Well, last week they came back to pick it up and we had a great visit with them. And then we heard another old friend was roaming across Texas heading in our direction.

Rollie's Rig
We met Rollie about 5 years ago in Kerrville, Texas and have crossed trails a time or two since. It was great to be able to lure him into Dogpound South for a visit even though it was only for a few hours.
But even in that few hours we did solve a few of the world's problems
Mike and Janna are roaming Arizona looking at real estate and we looked at a few places around here while they were in the area, but nothing caught their eye so they are on to other spots to continue their search.
Mike, Brenda, Rollie, and Janna with Maya and Emmi out front.
We enjoyed a few happy hours on our patio and a couple of spectacular Arizona sunsets along the way.


  1. Thanks for the update, John. Great news for Brenda about her knee replacement. That should get her back in the saddle again and good as new.

    I read Janna's blog daily so I've been following what you guys have been up to - eating well I see.

  2. Hey, good news for Brenda......and you too. You'll get your riding partner back soon. We wish her success and a quick recovery.

    You have been busy solving the world's problems. You had some interesting guest and, as a reader of Janna's blog, we have kept up with the meanderings on their property search.

  3. I wish Brenda well with the knee replacement. That operation has drastically improved over the years, and the recovery isn't nearly as long.

  4. A stay at Dogpound South sounds wonderful, but I'll probably be in that area in October. Don't know if you go down there that early. I have to be at the refuge by Nov. 1.