Thursday, December 19, 2013

A Month has Past

So when I left you last we had just come back from a visit to Catalina State Park down near Tucson. Lots of time has passed and we have done lots of stuff so maybe it is time to catch things up a little here.

Brenda had a bunch of medical issues that needed looking after and although she has a doctor here in Maricopa his advice was jump on a plane and get back to Canada. Things would get looked after quicker up there and as we know it is a lot cheaper also. He said that the medical system here really doesn't like folks like us that pay cash as they are able to charge the insurance companies much more than that. Tells me two things, Doctors do have a conscience when it comes to the ordinary Joe and although it looks like the insurance companies are being taken to the cleaners we all know they just pass the cost on to their customers. So back north of the Medicine Line it was for Brenda. She got back just in time for winter to set in and was there for some of the nastiest weather they have had in years, -40 degrees and tons of snow and howling winds. And you know she just loves driving that big old dually diesel around in that weather.

Meanwhile back at Dogpound South I joined some of our friends on a little expedition down to the Chiricahua National Monument and surroundings for a weekend of riding in that area.

My camp site near the Chiricahua's
We rode the National Monument one day and then off into another valley the next. The shot below was from the second day and was taken by my friend Tom Compton after we scrambled up to the hilltop to see what we could see.

I got home from this trip just in time to enjoy a little winter rainstorm here at Dogpound South. We got about an inch and half of rain over a couple of days so it actually had time to soak into the ground a little.

Meanwhile Brenda was still enjoying the comforts of home at Dogpound North.

But at least there was no wind, right Honey!
The following weekend the Rogers, Modahl's and I took a little drive up into north Scottsdale for a ride on the aptly named Brown's Ranch preserve. We left our trailers at the Granite Trailhead off of 136th Street and wandered all over the eastern part of this preserve.

Looking across Brown's Ranch from Cathedral Rock

Even though it was a little cloudy the temperature was good and no rain fell on us.
This a beautiful spot and very close to town. If you live on the north side of Phoenix it is shame not to get out and ride, bike or hike this area.

My riding companions
Well Brenda did eventually get back down to Dogpound South for a while anyways but soon after her return we got the sad news that the girls Grandmother, Mitzi Bryden, had passed away. Brenda decided that she should get home and be with her girls through this time. So with what seems to be a common theme she headed back to Calgary and the weather up there decided to treat her to yet another blizzard and cold temperatures for her entire stay.

Once she again returned to Dogpound South we packed our trailer and headed out this last weekend to ride near Picket Post Mountain east of Apache Junction near the town of Superior. This is a beautiful spot and should be on any trail riders bucket list. It is really the Sonoran Desert at its best. Lots of saguaro's and other vegetation to enjoy along with beautiful mountain scenery as the Arizona Trail winds it way across the State.

Brenda coming along the trail

Picket Post Mountain

Some of our riding companions
Stopping for a well deserved drink

Brenda and her canine crew
Not sure where we are off to next but I will endeavor to let you know when I do.


  1. Nice breakdown of your rides of late. Brenda was clearly not lucky with weather during her sojourns back to Calgary. Hope you guys enjoy Christmas in the desert.

    We are flying back to Langley today for Christmas and once our Alberta grandchild is born - anytime between now and early January - we'll brave the Central Alberta weather for a special visit.

  2. This is an area of AZ that we haven't gotten to yet. Really looking forward to visiting and getting in lots of hikes.

  3. Michael said, "the world is coming to an end, John posted a blog!" Thanks for catching us up on the activities at Dogpound South. We are hoping to head out of here about Dec. 26--it is 11 degrees at almost 1pm with about 3-4 inches of new snow.

  4. That was a lot of back and forth to winter for Brenda!

  5. Poor Brenda! Now are you going to let her keep all her frequent flyer miles? ;c)

  6. I hope Brenda can relax and enjoy one place for a while. Of course you two never stay still.

  7. All the best to Brenda and I hope her medical issues are all under control now.

    Thanks for the update on your rides around the area - it sure beats hoofing it on foot sometimes.

    Our daughter lives in Calgary and she has not been very impressed with the winter so far.

  8. And you thought ' I' had joined Wandering Willy on the Stealth program!! Glad you're back online, and that Brenda is back - again. And sure glad I didn't decide to visit you while she was gone - of course, eating at the Raceway Pub isn't that bad I guess. But not nearly as good as Brenda's fare.
    Hope you are settled in for the holidays - with some more good and scenic rides planned.