Thursday, June 20, 2013

A Little Rain Event

AN UPDATE: What I have called "A Little Rain Event" has continued into the third day here at Dogpound North and the communities surrounding us. I guess that will necessitate me upgrading it to a more serious rain event.

Like everyone else we have been watching the coverage on TV as well as using the internet to keep track of family and friends who are more exposed to the floodwaters than we are here. Many small towns in South Western Alberta as well as the cities of Calgary, Lethbridge, and Red Deer are undergoing evacuations in areas nearest to the waterways. Not unexpectedly for this area, most of the evacuees are heading to family and friends places and the internet it full of folks offering refuge to anyone who needs it for themselves or their animals. Like others we have made what wet and muddy space we have available here at Dogpound North to anyone who needs it.

As for our newest family members, the Bow Valley SPCA reports that they are warm and dry and well cared for at their facility and will be until the highways reopen and we are able to make our way up to retrieve them.

I can't resist cautioning local readers about heading out to have a look for yourself. The Emergency Services personnel have a lot of things on their minds and the less time they have to worry about doing crowd control and keeping bystanders safe the more time they have to do their real duties.

Unlike down near Dogpound South in Arizona, where there are some large forest fires raging around, here at Dogpound North we are hunkered down watching the rain come down. It has been almost a month since the rains came, and up to yesterday here at the farm we have had about 7 inches. Sounds like enough doesn't it, well I guess not because since last night we have gotten another 2 inches here at Dogpound North, and to the west of us in the foothills and front ranges of the Rocky Mountains they have gotten a lot more. Out around Banff and neighbouring Canmore there are some major flood events happening. The Trans-Canada Highway is closed east of Canmore and west of Banff so it should be a quiet time in those two tourist towns today. We have a lot of friends living out there and it sounds like a lot of flooding going on and it might be a while till the roads open. Not normally a problem for us but yesterday we ran up to Canmore to visit the SPCA to see a Border Collie dog that might be a potential new friend for us.


Well she seemed perfect and while we were there she let us in on a little secret. When she was surrendered to the shelter she came in with a friend. They have been together for almost their whole lifes and it seemed a shame to separate them. One little problem was the other dog had been spoken for by some other folks. But the people at the shelter really didn't want to see them split up so they called the other folks and told them about this couple who live on a farm and were willing to take both of them as a pair. Those other folks agreed and soon we had an agreement to add them both to our menagerie here at Dogpound North.

Max actually looks much bigger in this photo than he is in real life. He is some kind of Lab Beagle? cross and has quite the personality. The Bow Valley SPCA has a great policy that means after you adopt your new buddies you are not allowed to take them home for 24 hours, just in case you change your mind I guess.

Good idea I guess, unless you are heading into a major rain event. We were set to head up this morning to pick up our new companions and then along came the rain and the highway closures. So for the time being we are out here and they are still at the shelter. The folks called us and told us that although things were a little exciting out there they did manage to get someone over to the place to feed and walk the critters so all was well and we will try again tomorrow. Hopefully we have better luck then and can effect a successful rescue operation.

Maya and Max waiting for the flood waters to recede and that nice lady to come back and take us home


  1. I am so thrilled that you rescued 2 dogs from the shelter. Now they will have their forever home and be happy and loved. My heart is full tonight. Thank you.

  2. Oh! How nice for Max and Maya. You two are good people!

  3. Normally dry southern Alberta is truly getting a whack of rain. I read that the city of Calgary had to evacuate several home owners who live near the Bow River. Not good!

    Nice pair of dogs. I am especially fond of Border Collies. Smart dogs they are!

  4. So ya got yourself some new Pal's. I don't blame you, if I was out in the country like you are, I'd have several too.. Nothin like a good Pal.....

  5. So very happy for you and the pups! I hope you can bring them home tomorrow.

    Please send rain - we're burning up down here in the "Southern Rockies"!

  6. That is soooooo totally great that you guys understood the need to keep those two Pals together. We would have done exactly the same as you & taken them both. That is just so great that you did that. Nice looking dogs & for sure they are going to bring you a lot of love, a lot of laughs, a lot of tender moments, & a whole bunch a smiles:))

  7. I sure hope you get to bring them home tomorrow--I so admire you for going to the shelter to get your next pets! I would want to bring all the dogs and cats home with me!

  8. Great story on the dogs. I hope you are able to get there to take them home. :) Look forward to meeting them next winter in Arizona.

  9. A couple of very lucky dogs! They look like a great pair. Well done, now if you can just float them out of Canmore!

  10. Lucky to see rescues rescued..and how nice of you to take the two mates...hope you get them home today

  11. Congrats on your new buddies! It's great that you didn't split them up, they'll certainly love you even more for that.

    If that's a little rain event, I'd hate to see what happens in a major one... ;c)

  12. Congrats on rescuing Maya and Max from the Shelter! They'll love your farm that's for sure, what a couple of lucky dogs. I'm sure you and Brenda will be lucky dog owners too!

    Those floods are really something in Calgary, Cranmore and the entire area. Our daughter lives in Calgary and parts of their neighbourhood had to be evacuated but luckily they live in a high spot so they're o.k. They have a house in Blairmore as well but I don't know what's happening there yet.

    Glad to hear Dogpound North hasn't been washed out.

  13. Good for you for rescuing both dogs!!