Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Boulder Creek

Well I have let myself get a little behind on the blog so here is at least an attempt of catching our readers up on our activities. The weekend of the 23rd of February we joined the Glendale Equestrian Club for their ride up Boulder Creek. It was just a day ride but because it was on the far side of Phoenix and “butts in the saddle” was at 9:00AM we decided that it was a good place to head to Friday night and enjoy the evening in the desert.

Visitor in Camp

Although there were a few hunters camped in the same location they like us were early to bed so it was a peaceful night. This fellow made an appearance as we were watching the sunset below while cooking our supper over a nice campfire.

Camp spot at Table Mesa


In the morning the rest of the group started to pull into camp around 7:30AM so we were all saddled and ready to ride on time. We headed down and across the Aqua Fria River and past the crested saguaro below and then up and over the ridge before we dropped down into


Boulder Creek. There was evidence of mining activity in the past and of course the usual detritus from our motorized friends. Why is it that whenever we share a trail with ATV’s or other motorized outfits we always find a wealth of broken bottles and tins strewn along the way. You’d think that if they could haul it all in, it would be easier to haul it out. It weighs less empty. As soon as we leave the two track and get back on single track trails that are only used by hikers, bikers and folks on horseback we seem to leave the garbage behind.

Rant aside it was a beautiful valley with more saguaro’s than we have ever seen with maybe the exception of the area around Usery Mountain Park north of Mesa and this may have been the granddaddy of them all.

Granddaddy of all Saguaro's

There were many creek crossings along the way,


and with Brenda’s fast walking Wink she managed to get out front and in one instance found a spot that was a little deeper than she expected. But with a quick sock wringing and a few minutes of sun at our lunch break she was ready to rock and roll again.


The album below capture some of the trail.

After the ride and a short visit with folks we joined the Modahl`s, the Roger`s, Shannon and her date, whose name escapes me, for dinner at Logan`s Roadhouse back down the road towards Phoenix. The company was stellar the food unmemorable although the wait staff were excellent. Now that catches me up to last weekend and that deserves a separate post so stay tuned for our southern Arizona adventure.


  1. Ahhh that looks like a nice way to spend the day!

    Steve and Karen
    RVing: The USA Is Our Big Backyard

  2. Another awesome trail ride in some really nice country.

    Was Brenda trying to cool off by dipping her feet in the water? Perhaps she needed a riding break and the 'wet foot syndrome' was her way of getting the riders to take a break? I bet she'll never tell.

    Nice photos too!

  3. We have always found the same thing in the desert wherever dirt bikers & ATV'ers have been. Not mature responsible adults I'm talking about, but kids. It all has to do with the maturity of the rider. Most older folks are responsible but when you get a bunch of young kids/guys together, the desert is gonna get wrecked & littered with smashed beer bottles & trash etc. Sad fact, but it's true & we have experienced that in many boondocking locations. How do I know this.....I was a young guy once:(( Better put some water wings on those horses & wear longer rubber boots.......

  4. That first picture at the top of your journal...is that the critter I will be riding when I come to visit? Sure looks like a wild one.

  5. It's a shame that some people just don't care and trash the beautiful outdoors. At least you can get on some good trails where there is only the beauty of nature to enjoy.

    You mean you don't have a washing machine at DP South and Brenda has to wash her socks in a stream? You need to spend some of that oil company pension I've been funding and get her a nice one... ;c)