Thursday, April 19, 2012

In a Land just to the North of Summer

Things are starting to settle down here a little. It was a sad homecoming but the world keeps turning and each day the great stories Dad told get better and the bad ones fade into the sunset.

I thought I would recap our trip home as lots of folks ask how that works. We loaded Blue and Willow bright and early on Tuesday morning the 2nd of April and headed north. We weren’t exactly sure where we were going to get to but had figured on 8-10 hours on the road per day. The first day we got to Fillmore, Utah and found a spot at the rodeo grounds where the ponies could get out of the trailer and spend the night in a box stall. Not ideal but there is a great facility there and would have been room to get them a little exercise if Brenda’s Jeep hadn’t cratered on the highway just south of Fillmore. It had a light on that had come on and off all winter. The manual says it is just an alert and something you need to check out, well before we got it checked out it quit. We used our AAA and had it towed into Provo, Utah to the Larry Miller Dodge Jeep dealer there.

In the morning once again about 0600 hours we loaded the horses and headed north into Provo, Utah to figure out what was wrong with Brenda’s Jeep and how long it would be. We had great service from the dealer there and it was only a couple of hours till they had diagnosed the problem, as the alternator, and told us it wouldn’t be ready till quitting time Wednesday night. At that point we decided that I better hit the road north and Brenda would wait for the Jeep and follow a day behind.

I managed to make the rodeo grounds in Great Falls, Mt that night and although we got in late we found a couple of stalls and the horses were able to stretch their legs with a walk around the grounds before we all hit the hay for the night.

The next morning I once again hit the trail towards Dogpound North. After a confusing stop at the border where the customs guys and the vets disagreed on what papers I needed, the vet won, and I had those papers, I was again headed north. If you read my previous blog you know what happened from there on, so I am going to jump ahead to some of the more recent happenings.


Our friends from south of the Medicine Line must have sent this escort to make sure we got back home safe and sound, thanks. Other than the inevitable stuff connected with a loved one passing we have been trying to get life back to normal as much as we can. I ran down to Foxhollow Farms just south of us to watch Madison’s lessons and Claire riding her little paint Oscar.


Both girls are doing great and have improved a lot over the winter. Next week their horses are coming home to Dogpound North so they will get some outdoor riding done then.

Although Brenda was a day behind me and actually hit a little bit of winter around Great Falls, Mt she got home on Friday and on Sunday we got all the kids except Paul and Terri and their bunch out here down the road from Dogpound. It was a short visit but gave Brenda the grandchild fix she needed.



The next weekend the kids got their horses back on the place here so they were out playing around the yard.

Matt and Michelle have a couple of half brothers Razz and Coal who are Percheron crosses and Madison has Spanky a Welsh/Quarter cross while Claire has a small paint named Oscar. The big guys are pretty tall to climb up on and Spanky is a little small for me but I am thinking I might like to try out that little paint. After seeing Bill’s Mr. Shorty (Fred) down south I might like a horse that I can swing my leg over without reaching for the stirrup.


Eat your heart out Lazybarr Bill


So today Mr. Oscar and I had a short ride around Dogpound North and just to deal with a little excess energy he had we took a spin around the cultivated field next door. That deep mud seems to burn that energy up pretty quick. He is a pretty catty little horse and I think is pretty used to getting his own way with the kids, but once he gets a few miles on him I think he will be a great kids horse. Not exactly the size that a fellow of my generous proportions needs but fun for a short tune-up ride once in a while.

And just in case you think a little snow can stop a confirmed flip-flop wearer, evidence of lunacy below.



  1. Wow! JB WHAT A TRIP. Glad to see Brenda and you made it back to Dogpound North

  2. So, you never seem to have a dull moment on the road, but it's worth it all to see one happy granny with her treasures!

  3. Good to see you guys are back in the swing of things--yep, John, I think that horse is a little short for someone of your stature!

  4. That was a somewhat dramatic return trip from Dogpound South.

    The photo evidence is clear; Brenda needed a good grandkids fix.

    Did those flip flops have winter threads?

  5. I realize those are forsbobet doggies but I would be hard pressed not to eat one ;)

  6. I realize those are forsbobet doggies but I would be hard pressed not to eat one ;)

  7. Glad your home,,,,have another month yet and we will be headed up that direction. Not as far, but you did make some super time. Traveling with horses would be different......Motorcycles were to much for me and I had to give them up....As ya get older it gets tougher and tougher.. Take care!

  8. JB, I just learned of your father's passing and want to offer my deepest condolences. I have been trying to catch up with all the blogs I read since my own travels east and settling in NY for a couple of months.

    I know there will always be an empty spot where your dad should be there to fill it. I lost my father in 1978, and haven't ceased to miss him. Again, I'm so sorry for your loss.