Saturday, October 30, 2010

Whoa Nellie, Katy bar the door!

Today started out with Meg and my morning stroll and then a little catching up with the world before we headed off to Rocky Mountain House to get in one last visit with Lacey and Miss Ella before we head south next week. Miss Ella was modeling her Halloween costume for us this morning.


Luckily for me I just happened to have one of those little (Alberta sized) Halloween chocolate bars in my pocket in case I happened to run into any random trick or treaters.


And after getting that chocolate bar she ran around the room chanting “Grandpa is number one” over and over again.


At least that is what I heard so that is the story I am sticking with, it is my blog after all!

After her celebratory chant she settled down and did a little reading with Grandma.


But the fun had to end and Ella went for a nap and Grandma and I said our goodbyes to Lacey and then headed off for Red Deer where the folks at Freightliner had our home ready to head south. There are a couple of good hills on the way home and I let it drag itself up in high gear to see if the heating issue would come back. I have my fingers crossed but at least for today it seems that the problem is in hiding. Hope it stays that way. Things were going great as I headed south and it felt pretty natural so it was with a lot of difficulty I pulled off the highway and headed for the farm. Good thing Meg and Brenda weren’t with me or I might have made a run for the border. Oh well soon enough! We still have a few things to prepare for our departure.


  1. I drove through Cremona today, on my way up to Sundre! Doing the last minute packing and organizing for when I can hopefully start heading south next week!
    Maybe we'll see you down the road!

  2. You sure have a beautiful grand baby. stay safe.