Monday, January 18, 2010

Out and About

Well I have started my new schedule at work so a few weeks a month I will only be putting in four days (Tuesday to Friday) in Fort St. John. I will charter out of Calgary on Tuesday morning and then return Friday at supper time. This weekend, on Saturday Brenda and I had a look at a new mall just north of the city, Cross Iron Mills, lots of high end stores and a pretty cool Bass Pro Shop also. It was kind of nice to notice that the decor in the Bass Pro reflected the Alberta landscape and wildlife. We had my son Matt down for dinner that evening and had a nice visit with him. He is contemplating buying our home and for the time being we are holding court in my Dad’s house just down the road. Dad moves to the city for the winter and once spring arrives we are planning on moving into the RV fulltime so should be out of his way when he returns.

Sunday we took a run out to Trish and Brent’s, my brother and sister-in-law, cabin near Canmore in the Canadian Rockies. They have a beautiful spot right in the shadow of the mountains and yet less than an hour from the city. As is pretty common in the blogging and RVing world we took the opportunity to break some bread while we were there. A bowl of Brenda’s Butternut Squash soup and Grilled Cheese and pickles sandwiches. Sure hit the spot but the chance to have a visit was even better. When we got home Michelle and Madison our granddaughter were at the farm and our horses looked full of carrots and we had a short visit before they and Matt took off for dinner in Cochrane

And today we ran up to Rocky Mountain House and visited our newest granddaughter Ms. Ella, as usual she was a charmer, such a well behaved baby and always smiling, must take after her grandfather I think.



  1. ah grandkids are awsome

  2. I have always wanted to see the National Finals Rodeo in Las Vegas and this year may be my only possible chance. How soon do you recommend getting tickets and is it worth the money? Any particular day better to attend. Do they have all events every night? My husband, Allan and I began our full time RV adventures in 2008. We do volunteer work as we travel and see God's creations. We miss our horses but take time to stop and smell horses by the roadside occasionally. Really enjoyed your pictures. We hope to get to western Canada soon.