Sunday, February 1, 2009

Why Not?

We arrived back at Quartzsite on Friday night about supper time. Dennis and Denice had looked after our outfit while we were gone and also had a great bowl of soup ready so we didn't need to fire up the stove and figure out what to eat. When I had left I had cleaned out most of the perishables in the fridge as I wasn't really sure how long it would be till we got back south.

All was well with the rig and the solar panels had everything charged up to 100% as expected. It was in the high 70's Friday but dropped down to about 4C on Saturday morning, coincidentally the same temperature it was in Cremona when we were leaving for the airport Friday. There is a Chinook happening there are I believe it was up into the double digits Celsius later in the day. That dark line across the sky is a Chinook Arch and it means that we will get a warm dry wind that always breaks up the winter. Now if that white stuff was sand it would be warmer all year.

Saturday we ran over to Dome Rock Road to see Bill and Margaret but they were out and about so we visited with their neighbours Dennis and Diane for a while and then headed over to Blythe to restock the fridge. There is a new store, Ranch ?, near the K-mart but the quarter master wasn't pleased with their stock so we ended up going back to the Albertsons store at the other end of town. I managed to get the Jeep washed up while the shopping was going on. After a week in Phoenix it was covered in some sort of sooty grime, kinda scary that is what is in all the lungs of the people who live there. Well it is all shiny now and hopefully it will be a while until we head back into the big smoggy city.

Dennis, Diane, Bill and Margaret and Dennis Lang joined us for Happy Hour later in the day on Saturday and Brenda as usual had a variety of snacks there to appease all our appetites. Even a cold beer (root) for me. We had a nice visit and everybody went home shortly after sunset.

Sunday was laundry day, lucky for me Brenda got that caught up as the lions share was mine, hers was all clean from making the trip home. Dennis and Denice pulled out this morning and are heading for 29 Palms over by the Joshua Tree National Park to see the sites and maybe visit some relatives over that way. They had to get a medical exemption to stay in this site any longer as they had overstayed their permit while watching our rig. We are also over our limit and are planning on hitting the road tomorrow after we pick up the replacement Pressure Pro device at the Post Office in the morning. At this time we are thinking of heading down south of Ajo towards Why, Arizona. That is a beautiful 14 day area down there and it is also close to Mexico, for a shrimp run. The only issue with it is last year when we were there we had trouble with our phone so once we get there we will have to see whether or not we have communications. It is not so bad of either the phone or the internet works but not having either is a pain in the butt in this day and age. Even when we are dropping out of the rat race we still like to keep in touch with those that are still on the wheel. So if we disappear off the edge of the earth that will give you a hint where to start looking.



  2. Say hello to Why for us. A year ago right now we were setting up a website for Hickiwan Trails RV Park behind the Casino. We then spent a week on the BLM Land south of Why & then a couple weeks off Darby Wells road west of Ajo. Why is one of our favorite areas......