Friday, February 27, 2009

Happy Birthday Luke

I haven't had the camera out of the case the last couple of days until these two bright lights appeared in the sky tonight. Looks like Venus is just heading home from a meeting with the Man in the Moon. Wonder how that went.

Things have been pretty relaxed around our camp the last couple of days at least for me. Yesterday Brenda wrenched her back so she was pretty stiff yesterday and only a little better today. But it is improving hour by hour so there is hope for tomorrow. I did some running around today, a trip to the Flea Market, Wal-Mart, and then Auto-Zone to pick up some more stuff to polish the bus and then finally over to get the Jeep washed.

And with Brenda down for the count so to speak I even got to do a little grocery shopping, not often that I am trusted with that job.

Today is my oldest grandson's birthday and I am sure that back home in Calgary there will be a very loud and riotous crowd celebrating that this weekend. Happy Birthday Luke.

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