Friday, February 20, 2009

Hot and Sunny

Today broke out hot and sunny and just got hotter and sunnier as the day went on. We went into the Mesa Flea Market and had a look around. Mostly the same products in the same places with the same people looking at them as last year. Not much changes around here, the hair just gets bluer or thinner and the crowds a little slower. But nobody here is in a hurry anyway. After the Flea Market we headed for that old crowd favourite, Wal-Mart, where we bought a few things we needed for the larder. Then we took a trip down towards Gilbert and stopped at that fancy French department store, Tar-get', and got some more minutes for the phone. $0.08/minute and call waiting and messages, long distance included, eat your heart out Telus. What a difference 300,000,000 more people makes for things like cell phone competition. After a quick lunch at Panda Express we stopped by Mick and Jeff's place. They were floating in their pool enjoying the day so we had a nice visit and then headed home so we could enjoy our yard at the campground. Nice day.

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