Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Jeff and Mickey

Well we got out of Why pretty early Tuesday morning. Monday night the wind was howling and kept blowing the dish out of line so we folded it up early and even had to pull in one of the big slides to stop the slide awning from popping and banging. When we got up Tuesday morning there was ice all over the Jeep so it must have been cool overnight even though at 7:00AM it was above freezing by at least a couple of degrees. Luckily we had managed to put everything away the night before so there was no wet stuff to pack up.

We rolled into the KOA right at noon and got set up here. Later in the afternoon we headed over to Gilbert but no one was home at Mickey and Jeff's so we came back and our dinner. Mick called and I decided I'd pop back over and have a visit with her, Jeff and Uncle Brent. Uncle Brent left Wednesday morning to head over into the Palm Springs area to do some visiting over there.

After getting caught up on our grocery shopping at Wal-Mart this morning, Brenda and I went back over and spent the afternoon with Mick and Jeff and did a lot of catching up. We had a great visit and didn't even review to many of those old childhood stories.

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