Thursday, February 12, 2009

Apache Junction

Took a run out on the Apache Trail last night to the Lost Dutchman Regional Park and got a few shots as the sun went down. This is Superstition Mountain.

The photo above here is actually a metal cutout that is on the "Welcome to Apache Junction" sign with the Vulture Mountains west of Phoenix below the arch. The sun had just set so the sky was a great background.
It is a very pretty spot out there and there is a camp area that has sites but no hookups as well as some trails that ramble around the area.
Today was a camp day, I had to pick up some shirts at the local laundry and ran downtown into Mesa to look at some mapping software. Nothing appeared to be compatible with the software I run "Oziexplorer", so I picked up an Arizona Gazetteer that has most of the areas we camp and defines where the BLM land begins and ends. Old technology but it still works in a pinch.
Mickey and Jeff came over tonight and Brenda cooked another of her great meals. We took some pictures but none made it through the approval process so sorry no pictures of that cute cousin tonight. While we were eating our dessert Micks nephew Bradley called to let her know that he and his girl Megan had gotten engaged today, so that caused a little excitement. We will see what tomorrow brings, tomorrow.

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  1. Happy Valentines day to you both we had a great time last night and dinner was awesome Brenda.