Thursday, February 26, 2009

Saguaro Lake

It's been a couple of days since I wrote a missive for this blog. We haven't been doing much exciting and actually the last two days we did much the same thing and saw the same places so I thought one entry would suffice for both. A couple of days ago we decided we should head out to Saguaro Lake and see that part of the country. It was a nice drive but there were signs about every 500 feet saying you needed a permit to stop anywhere so other than a few quick stops to capture a photo or two, the one above is of the Salt River just below the dam, we kept moving. Strangely, although there are a couple of commercial businesses, the Tonto Forest people have seen fit to not sell permits in the actual area. You have to run back into Mesa or Fountain Hills to buy the day use permits and that is 12 or 14 miles once you realize you need them. We thought that we would just scout around and actually get the permit when we get back to town and come out the next day.
We did also run up and look at another Maricopa County campground at McDowell Mountain north of Fountain Hills. It is nice, not quite as nice as where we are, but a pretty good spot also. It is a little farther out of town and the vegetation is not as thick as here either.
On Wednesday we, with permit in hand, headed back out to Saguaro Lake to actually stop and enjoy sitting beside the lake. We had found the perfect spot the day before so headed straight there. We had a view of the lake and were able to watch the fishermen, quietly, go about their business. They seemed to be catching a bucket full of little bluegills and tell us they are good eating but they are more bite size than I would like. Once we got set up in our quiet little inlet on the lake we set back to read our books and enjoy the peaceful setting. Not to be though. A few minutes after we got there a group with 5, count them 5, little girls showed up. Having only raised boys from babies I was unaware that almost every thing little girls do at the beach is accompanied by ear piercing shrieks. They fought and screeched their way through what I am sure when they look back from adulthood was an idyllic trip to the Lake but also managed to drive all the fishermen back to town and not long after, us. It was a beautiful spot anyway and I am sure I will remember those shrieks for a long time.
Once we got back to town we ran over to the Kona Grill and had Happy Hour with Mick and Jeff. It was a nice spot with a great table on the patio. They had the misters going so the 80+ temperatures were actually just about perfect. It was a nice time with good company.
We are able to stay here until Sunday and then we will be moving across town to the Freightliner dealer to get the bus serviced first thing Monday morning. They tell me they have 30 Amp electric there so we will move in the morning and then in the afternoon we are planning on dropping up to George and Shirley's in Peoria for a visit.
Once the bus is finished on Monday we are heading for Tucson, probably either Catalina State Park or Gilbert Ray park and stay for a few days. After that we are thinking we should head down towards Bisbee to see that part of the state. No idea where we are going to stay down there but hopefully something will come to light before we move.
The photo below is yet another sunset photo from our camp at Usery Mountain Regional Park


  1. Hi Folks: Bisbee is tough to get around in with a rig your size & the main RV Park in town is small & crowded. About 10 miles east of Bisbee out in the quiet desert is a nice little RV Park that we noticed. Drove through there the other day. This is their website.....
    Take care.....The Bayfield Bunch:))

  2. Also just down the road from us is the Whitewater Draw which is run by the Fish & Game Dept. Free camping. Pit toilet and picnic tables. Ussally only 2 or 3 rigs there. This is where all the birders come. Lots of Sandhill cranes etc.
    Only 25 min. to Bisbee or Douglas. Let us know, mabe come by the ranch for a "howdy pardner"