Saturday, February 28, 2009

Sunset over Phoenix

Sunset over Phoenix
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Well our stay at Usery Mountain Regional Park is coming to an end. We will be on the road tomorrow heading first for the Freightliner folks to get our bus serviced on Monday morning and then on south towards Picacho RV Resort where we will meet up with Dennis and Denice. They were down there today and scouted out both the RV Resort and the State Park. It appears that the State Park is pretty full up and getting a couple of spots there will be challenging so we opted to stay down the road in a private park. A little more cash but full hook-ups and we have been on water and electric for the last couple of weeks so FHU's have an appeal all their own. We have enjoyed our time here and especially being able to reconnect with my cousin Mickey and her husband Jeff. Nice folks who we hope to see again. We only live 3 hours apart back home but it seems the odds are better of us catching them when they are down in their Gilbert house than up there where everyone is busy. So if we don't see you before we'll catch you in Arizona next winter Mick.

The weather has been fantastic here the last couple of weeks and it looks like it is just going to get warmer and warmer from now on.

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