Thursday, February 12, 2009

Now What?

Today was one of those days when you wake up in the morning with a plan all laid out for the future and then life happens. We were heading over to visit George and Shirley this evening as we will be leaving the Phoenix area in a couple of days and this may be our last chance. We also needed to stop by Costco and pick up some of those rib-eye steaks that we like so much and resupply our water cupboard, their bottles fit the fridge perfectly.

On the way to our shopping trip we thought we'd take a run north of Mesa to check out the Usery Mountain County Park that Sandra had told us about a few days ago. We drove into the place and fell in love, it was a beautiful sunny, crisp morning and the birds were singing and the vistas were perfect. Once around the campground and we changed our plans. We will now stay where we are for another few days and then Monday we'll move over and try to get into the Park. It has beautiful big sites that have water and power, and a dump site centrally located. I am going to try to upload a bunch of photo's I took there this morning. Right at the moment the park is full and there are a few rigs in the overflow, but it is a long weekend here and I imagine all the folks celebrating Presidents Day will be moving on back to their jobs next Monday or at least I hope so. I would imagine if we are successful getting into this park we will be in the Phoenix area for another week or ten days before moving on.

That meant we could reschedule visiting George and Shirley till next week on a day that is more convenient for us all. But nevertheless we picked up some of those steaks as Mick and Jeff are coming over tomorrow night for supper and we wouldn't want to run out.

It really is a beautiful spot that the camera can't do justice too.


  1. Love it there! Beautiful reminder photos of our trip from last year. Thanks, jb!

  2. not sure if you knew this, but it is President's week. Schools are closed for the wk. Hopefully the park will clear out enough for you to get a spot.