Monday, January 31, 2011

Wandering through the Desert

Since we got here Meg and I have had a regular morning walking date. We have covered a lot of the country around our site here and thanks to our GPS we can actually show it all on a map. To date this month we have covered 137.44 miles, a large portion of that here in desert near Bouse, Arizona. Not only do we get to see a lot of the country but it also helps me deal with all the good food we are eating on a daily basis here.

January Hikes

Tonight we had Happy Hour down at Mike and Janna’s rig and even with the wind howling as it has since mid morning it was great spending time with our friends.

We will be bidding adios to those friends here in the desert as our time here is coming to an end at least for the near term, tomorrow we are off to Maricopa, Arizona to see some friends from back in Alberta who have a winter spot over there and then we are thinking a visit to Yuma might be in the plan also before we come back to this little piece of paradise.



  1. We will be sorry to have missed you, as we are heading to see Mike and Janna tommorrow-ish.Perhaps our paths will cross another time. Have a safe and easy drive.

  2. have a safe trip...we have enjoyed reading about your boondocking adventure!

  3. That is one cool map! :) "These boots are made for walking..."

  4. With the price of oil in your ticker, you may not be able to afford fuel to go anywhere!

    So it's good you're getting used to walking long distances. How far is it to Canada? ;c)

  5. I envy you my friend. I would love to walk those trails and see those sites too. I hope that will be in the near future for me.