Monday, January 17, 2011

I Have a Dream

Today was another great weather day, warm in the morning, changing to hot in the afternoon. Meg and a I found some new country to walk in today and found another trail that beckons for tomorrow hike. Probably a little longer than our usual one but should be pretty.


Hmmm, didn’t realize that we were in an active volcanic region!


That peak in the centre of the picture is the one Meg and I were up yesterday, where we found the Desert Bighorns.











The pictures above are todays high point

This afternoon it was laundry day and time to haul a little water. Brenda and I headed into Quartzsite and I dropped her at the laundry and then headed over to pick up some stuff at the hardware to make the water transfer a little smoother. I had bought a bladder over in Louisiana and this was its maiden voyage. I picked up a load of water in town, Brenda at the laundromat, and then we headed out Dome Rock Road to find Bill and Margaret from Dease Lake. It had been a while since we saw them last so it was great to catch up on things with them.

Once we got home I unloaded the water into the rig while Brenda whipped up some of those enchildas she made the other day and a great salad.

Unlike Martin Luther King my dream was for a warm sunny day and it has certainly come true in this beautiful spot we have found.



  1. even laundry day is interesting!..great photos once again!!..

  2. Are you sure those aren't Indian signals... LOL LOL We met Bill last summer when we stopped at the campground they were hosting. Very nice guy! I think you told me about the campground on second thought! :-)))
    Have fun & Travel Safe

  3. What do you do with all the gray water??