Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Company’s STILL Coming

Today we had more company arrive here in the desert. But before they got here I got in a nice walk in the desert. Amazes me that as much as I have walked around here over the last couple of weeks there is always something new to see. The air is crisp in the morning and there is usually only a nice breeze to keep me from overheating. I see tracks along the way but only rarely jump a rabbit or coyote. There must be a lot of activity over night though. As for the weather it is another blue sky day here in Arizona. Our solar system is more than keeping up with our usage even though we are not conserving much power. If it gets cloudy I guess we will have to watch it a little more closely.


First up the road was Rollie and Gina


Next around the corner came Mike and Pat McFall


And last but certainly not least was Glen and Sylvia Avery


The Happy Hour and Hot Dog cookoff crowd starting with with Brenda in the hat on the far side to the left is Jim, Ellie, Rollie, Gina, Deb, Rod, Sylvia in the pink jacket, Glenn, Janna, Mike, and Mike McFall is behind him, Pat and then me.



  1. Great looking group you have there! Lots of great eating coming up in the next few days, I can tell!!

  2. Where have I seen Glenn and Sylvia's motor home before? Good thing we aren't there, or we would have trouble knowing which house was which!

  3. the group is sure multiplying!!..what fun..I can see a few dinners and lots of happy hours happening!!

  4. Wow! So many friends. That's gonna be one happenin' place! :)

  5. Thanks Brenda for a great "travel day" Happy Hour and Dinner and thanks to John for the fire and the "blackened" (by request) hot dogs. :-) It was great meeting both of you and thank you so much for the warm welcome. Hugs....Pat

  6. You both are becoming such social butterflies...and in the middle of the desert, too! ;c)

    Nice to see all your visitors, you'll never get lonely in such an "unpopulated" area.

  7. You guys are building a whole city out there! ... what fun to follow along on all your blogs.

    Don't talk about us now, the ones of us who aren't there yet?

    Karen and Steve
    (Our Blog) RVing: Small House... BIG Backyard