Thursday, January 6, 2011

Retired Rod

We took a run over to the local Target so Brenda could get in a little retail therapy, Meg and I stayed in the truck and I read George W’s new book Decision Points on the Nook I got for Christmas and Meg, she just took a nap, smart dog. Once the Target stock had been bolstered a little we headed down the road and got the truck washed so all that dirt we had hauled over from Texas was finally left behind.

Then it was back to the site for a little more relaxing.

This afternoon we connected with Rod and Loyce and invited ourselves over to their place for a visit. We needed to check out their new dog and Biscuit was all she seemed to be in Rod’s blogs, full of energy and friendly as all get out. She couldn’t stop wiggling so if the shot looks a little out of focus blame it on the dog not the photographer….lol.


Loyce had a surprise gift for Brenda when we got to their place. Back when we first met Rod and Loyce in the spring of 2009 long time readers will remember that Lacey was expecting our granddaughter, Ella, then and Loyce was wanting to make a blanket for the baby then. Well it took us almost two years to get back together and lo and behold she had a blanket and a pillow set for Ella, the blue one, and another for her dolly.



Thanks a lot Loyce I am sure Ella will love them I know her Grandma does.

After a visit with them we decided to head out for dinner and those of you who know Rod know he loves Fuddruckers almost as much as he loves Wendy’s so seeing as how we made him decide we weren’t surprised when the choice was Fudds. I had the Bacon Cheese Burger with all the trimmings including the Sweet Potato Fries and with the fresh baked bun, roll for our American readers, it was just about the best burger I have eaten in a long time. I say “just about” because Brenda cooks a pretty mean burger herself and I am not sure Fudds topped that but it was a close contest.


Thanks for the tip on the burgers Rod and we will see you tomorrow for the Swap Meet.


  1. Bun is good with me... I must hail from close enough to Canada ;-)

  2. We always said bun in Cincinnati, and got laughed at elsewhere.

    The blankets & pillows sure are pretty.

  3. I think bun is fairly universal when we are eating hamburgers, but the exact same item becomes a roll, when served with dinner here in the US. And I'm not sure how that can be, or what the distinction is. I just know that Fuddruckers does a nice job of making the delicacy! LOL

    But it is so noted, that nothing can replace a bun made by Brenda Brown!

  4. Bun works for me. And I do love Fuddruckres, just too many fillings to decide upon.

  5. That was so sweet of Loyce! I'm sure Ella will love them!

  6. Just linked to your site from "Retired Rods" site. Your photo albums are terrific!

  7. I remember when there was a Fuddruckers in the greater Vancouver area of BC and in Victoria. They have shut down - which is a real shame. I really enjoy their burgers.


  8. I love Fuddruckers - didn't know that they were still around - guess only south of the 49.

    I love how your blog always talks about food :-) So much to look forward to in retirement :-)

    Don't worry, I am still working hard to keep your pension funded. . . .

  9. Brenda looks like she needs a biscuit of her own... ;c)