Sunday, January 23, 2011

Another Lazy Day

Meg and I started this day the same as all the others, after checking our email and reading a few blogs we hit the trails to see what we could see. We have covered a lot of the country close in to our rig fairly thoroughly over the last couple of weeks so are having to go farther afield to see it from a different perspective. Good thing to as with all the good food we are consuming we need the extra miles to work some of the calories off. For those who wonder how an old guy like me could walk the legs off a border collie dog, see if you can find Meg in this picture. Although I usually wander through the landscape here, Meg usually sees every nook and cranny so she covers 2-3 times as many miles as I do.


The rest of the day was spent sitting in the lee of the rig and reading a book on my Nook while listening to some great Ian Tyson ballads, with some Jimmy Buffett thrown in for variety on the stereo. Got a little sunburn in honour of Jimmy and a little windburn for Ian.

Did a little figuring on our power consumption also. We got the new LED lights and as near as I can figure the old lamps used about 0.8 amps of power while these new ones are so low I can’t really measure the usage. Maybe if I get enough of them I can get rid of my solar panels, eh!!   LOL!  Probably not! And although they really save the power they are pretty expensive, but I guess I have spent money on less worthwhile things in my life.

Here is the sunset tonight.


My friend and the initial inspiration for this blog Heather is saying farewell to Baja California and heading north to Canada for a while before heading off on her next adventure. Much as I liked the visit with her to Los Barilles I am voting for Nigeria for her next adventure as I have never been there and it will be nice to travel there virtually with Heather and visit our mutual friend Carley and her new hubby over there.



  1. Maybe you can get a saddle for Meg...

    11 degrees F this am, my car gave some fits to start for my trip to work. So I really feel bad that you got a sunburn. ;c)

  2. What are those little numbers at the end of each post? Do they have something to do with oil?

    I couldn't find Meg in the picture. :(

  3. couldn't find Meg in the photo either..our boy, Tucker does the same thing..going back and forth, running and sniffing and coming back to us..he, too does probably twice the distance we do!!..nice sunset today..sounds like you had a great day..sunburn and windburn all rolled into one!!

  4. Glad to hear the LEDs work good for you. Are they soft light or that funny greenish color? Our two are older, so we were waiting for the newer natural light ones to come out before buying more.

    Karen and Steve
    (Our Blog) RVing: Small House... BIG Backyard